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(a) A person making a direct or indirect contribution must use the person’s own name.

(b) A person, employer, principal, supervisor, or contractor may not lend, pay, advance, or reimburse employees, agents, or other persons for contributions to a candidate, group, or nongroup entity in the employee’s, agent’s, or other person’s name, or in a name other than the original source of the contribution.

(c) For the purposes of AS 15.13.074(b), a contribution made at the direction of another person, including a parent organization, subsidiary, division, department, branch, or local unit of a business, labor union, or group, is a contribution using the name of another.

(d) Contributions by two or more groups or nongroup entities to the same recipient are contributions using the name of another, if those contributions combine to exceed the limitation in AS 15.13.070, and if the groups or nongroup entities

(1) share the majority of members of their board of directors;

(2) share two or more corporate or organizational officers;

(3) are owned or controlled by the same shareholders or members; or

(4) are in a parent-subsidiary relationship.
(e) For the purposes of AS 15.13.074(b), if a minor makes a contribution of money or anything of value that was given to the minor for the purpose of making the contribution, the person making the gift to the minor has made a contribution using the name of another.

(f) A contribution made by a married individual is not attributed to that individual’s spouse, unless otherwise specified in writing by the spouse at the time the contribution is made. (Eff. 1/1/2001, Register 156; am 1/7/2001, Register 157; am 2/20/2005, Register 173)

Authority: AS 15.13.030 AS 15.13.070 AS 15.13.084
AS 15.13.040 AS 15.13.074 AS 15.13.400

Editor’s Note:

The substance of 2 AAC 50.258 was formerly located at 2 AAC 50.357. The history note does not reflect the history of the earlier regulation.