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(a) The commission staff shall review all requests for advisory opinions submitted under AS 15.13.374. If the commission staff determines that a request does not satisfy the requirements in AS 15.13.374, the commission staff shall reject the request and notify the person, group, or nongroup entity making the request of the deficiencies. A rejected request may be refiled.

(b) If the commission staff determines that the request satisfies the requirements in AS 15.13.374, the executive director or the executive director’s designee shall prepare a recommended advisory opinion within seven days after receipt of the opinion request for the commission to consider at its next regular meeting.

(c) The commission will approve, disapprove, or modify the recommended advisory opinion.

(d) The commission may reconsider an advisory opinion at any time upon the motion of a member who voted with the majority that originally approved the opinion, and if the commission adopts the motion to reconsider by the affirmative vote of at least four members. Adoption of a motion to reconsider vacates the advisory opinion to which it relates. Action by the requesting party in good faith reliance on the advisory opinion before the party has notice of reconsideration may not be the subject of an investigation under 2 AAC 50.460, 2 AAC 50.507, 2 AAC 50.810, or 2 AAC 50.815. (Eff. 1/4/86, Register 97; am 7/20/95, Register 135; am 1/1/200l, Register 156; am 2/20/2005, Register 173)

Authority: AS 15.13.030 AS 24.45.021 AS 39.50.050
AS 15.13.374 AS 24.60.220