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Alaska Department of Administration, Alaska Public Offices Commission

Fines and Complaints

  1. What are APOC Fines?
  2. How are APOC fines spent?
  3. What is a complaint?
  4. How do I file a complaint?

What are APOC fines?

Fines range from $10 to $500 per day depending on the law violated.  A filer has 30 days to pay or to appeal the penalty under AS 15.13.390.


How are APOC fines spent?

Money which APOC collects for civil penalties goes into the state's general fund and is allocated by the Legislature.  It is not earmarked in any way for APOC to avoid potential or perceived conflicts.


What is a Complaint?

A complaint is a formal allegation of a violation of a law governed by APOC.  Any person who believes a violation of a chapter governed by APOC occurred or is occurring may file a complaint with the commission.


How do I file a Complaint?

You have five years from the date of the alleged violation to file a complaint. The complaint contains contact information for all parties, a description of the allegation and how the complainant knows about the violation, and documentation supporting the allegations. It must be signed, notarized, and served on all parties. For additional information, please refer to AS 15.13.380. Standardized complaint forms can be found on our website.