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Alaska Department of Administration, Alaska Public Offices Commission

General Campaign Questions

1. How do I start a candidate campaign?

Before making any expenditures or accepting any contributions you must register or, if you are a candidate, file a letter of intent. These documents indicate that you are either planning to participate in the election or thinking about running in the election. Letters of intent and registrations are filed with APOC. If you wish to place your name on the ballot, you must submit a Declaration of Candidacy to the Division of Elections along with a completed Public Official Financial Disclosure form. Please see AS 15.13.050.

2. When can a candidate solicit and accept contributions?

A candidate can solicit and accept contributions after they file a letter of intent or registration. (See regulations 2 AAC 50.274 and 2 AAC 50.282) However, if the candidate is a sitting legislator, they may not accept or solicit contributions during the legislative session. There are special exceptions for special sessions close to the election. Please see AS 15.13.072(d).

3. How do I report?

If the required campaign disclosure reports and registration statement are not filed on time, Commission staff will assess a civil penalty based on the number of days a report is late and how close it is to the election.  See Fines and Complaints.

  1. Who?
    Anyone who has indicated they are participating in an election by filing a letter of intent or registration OR anyone who has made an independent expenditure in opposition or support of a candidate or ballot initiative.
  2. When?
    Reporting is based on the election you are participating in and/or the type or reporter (group, candidate, ballot initiative, etc) that you are. Please see our calendar for reporting dates. If you have questions, please call us at 907-276-4176.
  3. Where?
    Groups are required to report online through MyAlaska. In 2013, Candidates will also be required to do the same, although they are encouraged to do so now. Please see 2 AAC 50.816. The website used for reporting is: and you use the same password and username that you do to file for your Permanent Fund Dividend online. If you do not have a username and password, please watch our video tutorial for information about how to register online.

4. What do I report?

All campaign contributions and expenditures are reported. The exact reporting requirements vary depending on whether you are a candidate, a group, or a person making an independent expenditure. Details about what must be reported are provided in AS 15.13.040 and AS 15.13.110. Candidate information is under subsection (a), group information is under subsection (b), and independent expenditures under (d) and (e). We offer regular training sessions to help you learn about reporting. Please contact our office if you are interested in participating.

5. What can we spend funds on?

With a few exceptions, campaign contributions held by a candidate or group may be used only to pay expenses of the candidate or group, and the campaign expenses incurred by the candidate or group, that reasonably relate to election campaign activities. Please see AS 15.13.112(b) for the limitations and subsection (c) for specific additional uses.

6. Where can I post Political Signs?

On private property with the approval of the owner.