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Alaska Department of Administration, Alaska Public Offices Commission

Searchable Campaign Reports (Both Candidates and Groups)

You may search information posted to the APOC website to find out detailed information for specific reports filed before 2010.

To find information using the searchable database for candidates or groups, please use this link to Searchable campaign reports.  Information found here is that which has been submitted by candidates and groups in Excel spreadsheets or hand typed into the database by APOC staff. [This database information can be manipulated and is searchable by contributor, candidate, group, individual contributor to a specific candidate, etc.]

At the bottom of the link for searchable campaign reports, you will see a choice for “Ad-Hoc Query”. The Ad-Hoc Query function allows you to do many specific searches. Information is returned to you in Excel Spreadsheet format and allows further sorting, based on your needs.

If you cannot find the report or information that you are looking for, please call the Anchorage office at 276-4176 or toll free (in state) at (800) 478-4176.