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Advanced Lobbying Training

Alternate Off-line Versions

If you are unable to use the flash version of this training, please try the following alternatives.

Low-Bandwidth Advanced Lobbying Training without Audio (pdf; 4.6 MB)

This version has no sound and will be good for low bandwitch connections. Requires a Adobe or Acrobat Reader.
Downloadable Advanced Lobbying Training (swf; 20 MB)
This version of the presentation for auditory and visual learners can be downloaded as Flash animation (requires version 9 or higher of Adobe Flash).

Please note: For slower Internet connections you may want to "Save" the file to your computer prior to viewing. This can be done by "right clicking" (on a Windows computer) or "clicking and hold" (on a Macintosh), when the menu appears, choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" and choose a location on your computer.

Online Presentation


Thank you for attending this self-paced course.

If you have problems, please contact APOC's Juneau Office by Phone : (907) 465-4864, Toll-Free: 1-866-465-4864, or by email.