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Certifying AKSAS Transactions

Documents received in the Fiscal Section prior to 3 p.m. will be certified the same day; however, there may be occasions when this may not be possible.

Before a document is certified, all information must comply with state statutes, the administrative code, and state, department, and division policies regarding how state funds are spent or obligated.

For those documents needing a change or additional backup, the certifier will either call the employee or attach a note to the document stating why the document cannot be certified and return it to the person who inputted the document. All transactions must have sufficient documentation to support the transaction as they may be audited.

Authorized certifiers for the Division of Administrative Services include:

  • Angela Lindekugel
  • Bri Brint
  • Cecille Saceda
  • Jeremy Reynolds
  • Patrick Shanley
  • Rena Caldwell
  • Rowena Frawley
  • Ruth Wright
  • Stan DeLand
  • Wendy Vuille