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Procurement Fact Sheet

This document is a condensed, easy to read version of the Department of Administration Procurement Policies and Procedures. For further clarification or more information, refer to the Procurement Policies and Procedures Manual.

Delegations of Authority:

  • Your division director has been delegated the authority to purchase items costing up to $50,000.
  • Know what your delegation allows you to do.

Fiscal Responsibilities:

  • Determine that sufficient and appropriate funds are available for the purchase.
  • All professional services must be encumbered in IRIS.
  • Purchases costing over $5000, other than professional services, will be issued on a State of Alaska Delivery Order and encumbered in IRIS.

Procurement Code Exemptions:

  • Governmental agencies
  • Certified employment programs
  • Correctional Industries
  • Grants
  • Book binding services
  • Employee moving expenses
  • Periodicals
  • Federal Funds
  • Approval plans
  • Audio-visual materials
  • Medical doctors or dentists
  • Conference attendance fees
  • Newspapers

Procurement Code Restrictions:

May not directly procure:

  • Anything to do with telephones or telecommunications equipment.
  • Construction, vehicles, housing.
  • Leased office space.
  • Construction involving leased space.

May procure as restricted and within delegation:

  • Renovation of leased space.
  • Non-office leased space.
  • Renovation of state-owned property.
  • All publications.
  • Mailing or postage equipment.

Unauthorized Expenditures:

  • Printing of a personal nature.
  • Foodstuffs and utensils.
  • Dues for personal membership in associations or organizations.
  • Nonfunctional office fixtures.

Emergency Procurements:

There is no difference between what was previously referred to as a Type A Emergency or a Type B Emergency. Now, an emergency is an emergency and the Chief Procurement Officer must make a determination before the procurement takes place. When there is not time for the CPO to receive the information, you will be delegated the authority to make the determination required by statute to prevent loss of life, damage to property, or mitigate a threat to public health, welfare, or safety.

Contract Awards:

  • The Division of General Services establishes contract awards for divisions.
  • Most contract awards are mandatory use.
  • Purchase requisitions are used to establish and renew contract awards.
  • Once a contract has expired, it is no longer valid.
  • It is available on-line in SYSM or in hard copy.

Professional Services:

A professional service is defined as a service that requires specialized knowledge and training or in-depth experience in a particular field or discipline. For example:

  • Software, unless the software is specifically developed or modified for you, is not a professional service.
  • Training is considered a professional service.
  • Combined services: General rule of thumb, if 75 percent or more of the cost of the procurement consists of professional services, it should be procured as a professional service.


  • Alaskan Bidder Preference: 5 percent on quoted price if they meet criteria.
  • Alaskan Product Preference: Different percentages apply. See current Department of Community and Economic Development list.
  • Recycled Products Preference: 5 percent on quoted price.
  • Alaskan Offeror: 10 percent points preference applied to evaluation of RFP.


  • Always state exactly what you want.
  • Avoid unique requirements.
  • List enough essential characteristics to ensure that any product which meets all of them as a minimum would be sufficient to meet your needs.
  • Make sure all of the potential bidders receive exactly the same information.

Determining the Dollar Value of a Procurement:

Take into consideration:

  • Total price; include all renewal options.
  • Similarity of products.
  • Predictability of procurement.

Artificial division or fragmentation of a procurement in order to circumvent the law is prohibited and will be considered a purchasing violation.

Competition Requirements:

Remember, you must solicit the minimum number of quotes from Alaska Vendors.

  • Purchases with State purchasing card (Pcard) up to $2,500......1 quote (Alaska Vendor)

  • Goods and Other Services under $5,000..........................reasonable and adequate competition
  • Goods and Other Services $5,000 - $25,000......................3 verbal or written quotes
  • Goods and Other Services greater than $25,000..................3 written quotes, must use RFQ form
  • Goods and Other Services over $50,000..........................Invitation to Bid (ITB) process
  • Professional Services under $5,000.............................reasonable and adequate competition
  • Professional Services $5,000 - $25,000.........................3 verbal or written informal proposals
  • Professional Services $25,000 - $50,000........................3 written informal proposals
  • Professional Services over $50,000.............................Request for Proposals (RFP) process

Solicitation Sources:

  • Phone vendors: make sure all vendors receive the same information.
  • Written solicitations: send letters of interest to vendors.
  • Contractor's list: available from General Services.
  • Catalog prices: make sure you have applied any discounts due and include delivery.

Evaluating Quotations:

  • Bids must meet all the minimum specifications.
  • A "no quote" response from a vendor who normally carries the item or provides the service is a viable quote.
  • Take into account all applicable preferences.

Requests for Proposals (RFP's):

  • Submit draft RFP to Department Procurement Specialist in hard copy and on disk for distribution to RFP review committee.
  • Use the standard boiler plate to develop RFPs.
  • Establish criteria for the RFP to be evaluated by.
  • Give public notice.
  • Provide written answers to questions and provide the answers to all potential offerors.
  • Keep the unopened proposals in a secured place until the published opening date and time.
  • Keep a register of the proposals.
  • Evaluate the proposals according to the criteria set out in the RFP. An evaluation committee or procurement officer may evaluate the proposals.
  • Issue a Notice of Intent to Award form to all persons who submitted a proposal.

Professional Services Contracting:

  • Obtain Deputy Commissioner approval of the ASPS form if procurement is $10,000 or over. (Submit completed form to Department Procurement Specialist for review and routing to Deputy Commissioner)
  • Solicit the required number of quotes (<$50,000) or issue RFP (>$50,000).
  • Evaluate and award the contract.
  • Put contract together.

Under $10,000

  • Division Director signs as final approval
  • Alaska Business License
  • Written determination of selection
  • Insurance
  • Encumbrance document


  • Deputy Commissioner signs as final approval
  • Copy of ASPS
  • Standard agreement form
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C
  • Appendix D
  • Written determination of selection
  • Alaska Business License
  • Insurance
  • Encumbrance document
  • Procurement report if needed

Over $50,000

  • Deputy Commissioner signs as final approval
  • Copy of ASPS
  • Standard agreement form
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C
  • Appendix D
  • Written determination of selection
  • Alaska Business License
  • Insurance
  • Encumbrance document
  • Procurement report
  • RFP/All RFP correspondence
  • Register of proposals
  • Evaluations/score sheets
  • Notice of intent to award
  • Any appeals
  • Any waivers
  • Solicitation and fact sheet
  • Ads, ad orders, affidavit of publication

Amendments to Procurements:

  • Anticipated amendments: must have been known at the time of procurement.
  • Unanticipated amendments: unforeseen circumstances. Must be within the scope of the contract.

Exemptions from Competitive Solicitation Requirements:

Requests for Alternate Procurements (RAPs):

< $50,000 single source and limited competition signed by Deputy Commissioner; Emergency and Exception to Administrative Manual Limitations and requests over $50,000 are approved by General Services after being routed through the Department Procurement Specialist and the Deputy Commissioner.

  • Single Source
  • Limited Competition
  • Emergency
  • Exception to Administrative Manual Amendment Limitation

All RAPs are now required to show proof of the research done to justify the exemption requested. Preparers should include a listing of contacts, telephone numbers, support documentation and an itemized finding of the facts.

Vendor Performance:

  • Document all problems.
  • Contact General Services for any problems with contract award vendors.
  • Complete a contract evaluation for Professional Service Contracts if the work performed was less than satisfactory.

Procurement Violations:

  • Receive written notification from Division of Administrative Services (DAS)
  • Cooperate with the investigation
  • Comply with recommendations that result from the investigation.

Delivery Orders:

  • Send a copy of all Delivery Orders to DAS (do not include the FTP).
  • Include the negotiated abstract form.