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Professional Service Contracts Training


Requests for Alternate Procurements, or RAPs, are used to obtain approval to procure services by an alternate method.

When normal procurement methods are impractical or contrary to public interest, you must prepare a RAP form. RAPs are used to request the following exemptions:

  • Single Source
  • Limited competition
  • Emergency
  • Exception to Administrative Manual Amendment Limitation

You must explain in detail the circumstances which exist to justify your request. You must show proof of the research you have completed by listing your contacts, telephone number, support documentation, and an itemized finding of the facts.

Obtain your director's initials in the Departmental Approval block of the RAP form. Remember that incomplete forms and no initials may hamper the approval process. Submit the completed form to DAS, who will obtain the Commissioner's signature and route the RAP to General Services for their review. Do not proceed with the procurement until you have received a copy of the signed, approved RAP.