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Professional Service Contracts Training

Procurement Violations

The best way to deal with a procurement violation is to avoid them in the first place. One of the most important provisions of the procurement code is the safeguarding of public money. Your most important duty as a procurement person is to ensure that every procurement you make is done according to the law.

Upon written notification of a violation, it is important to cooperate with the person investigating. They will investigate the alleged violation, then make a written determination as to the cause of the violation and what should be done in the future to keep the violation from occurring. Each person who is delegated purchasing authority must know the rules of procurement. Not knowing the rules is not a viable excuse for a procurement violation. Your division's procurement authority can be revoked.

How to avoid procurement violations

  • Do not allow a contractor to begin work until the contract is signed by the Commissioner.
  • Do not allow a contractor to continue working if their contract has expired.
  • Amend a contract BEFORE the expiration date.
  • Allow enough time for signatures to be obtained before the start date of the contract.
  • Do not artificially fragment a procurement to avoid procurement requirements.
  • Do not allow a contractor to spend more than the contract stipulates.
  • Read the Departmental Procurement Policies and Procedures Manual and refer to it when you have concerns.