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Frequently Asked Questions

We have continual problems with maintenance items not getting repaired in our space. Who do I call to get this resolved?

Our carpets and walls are in horrible shape. Can we get carpets replaced and the walls painted?

We have outgrown this space. How do we get more space?

Who do I call if the toilet is stopped up or we run out of toilet paper?

What do I do if the janitorial service continues to be bad month after month?

What do I do when employees slip and fall?

What do I do when people are going home sick from smells in the building?

What do I do to get some office walls put up?

What do I do to add space because we've added new employees/programs?



The state employees are smoking at the main entrance of my building. I find smoldering butts and trash constantly at the front entrance of my building. What are we going to do to stop this?

State employees are leaving vehicles in my parking lots at night and on weekends interfering with snow plow/snow removal operations. How can I notice them to remove their vehicles?

State employees are burning scented candles/incense at their desks during the day. I am concerned someone is going to forget to extinguish the product at the end of the work day and cause a fire. What can be done about this?

Who do I call if my rent check is late?

Who do I call if the the tenant is asking for things not in the lease?

Who do I call to talk about renewing my lease?

Do I really have to replace the carpet and paint every 3-5 years like it says in my lease if the carpet is ok?


I am contemplating becoming an active, qualified bidder on the State of Alaska Bid List for leases. I am concerned about long term leases because I hear nightmare stories from other property owners regarding state leases. Do I need to be concerned?

I have trouble finding leasing solicitations on the online public notices. Who do I call for assistance?

What if I submit a bid and then discover that I really do not want the state in my space because I found another tenant who will pay a higher rate?


How much, on the average, does the state spend on private leases annually?

How many private leases does the state currently maintain?

I despise getting electronic voice mail messages. What is main telephone number for State Leasing where I know I can reach a person?

I just cannot seem to make the state employees happy in my lease with the State of Alaska. What else can I do?