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Purchasing Documents

Welcome to the Purchasing Documents resource page. These files are available for downloading and viewing for your agency's use. Documents with a icon by it are Adobe Acrobat documents, documents with a icon by it are Microsoft Word documents, documents with a icon by it are Microsoft Excel documents, and all others are linked to web pages.

         Advice of Change

         Advice of Change Continuation

         Alaska Bidder Preference Certification Form

         Appendix B1

         Appendix B2

         State of Alaska Amazon Business Account
                   Amazon Business Training - Movie (.wmv)

         Contract Award

         Contract Award Continuation

         Delegation of Authority

         Delivery Order

         Delivery Order Continuation

         Formal Procurement Matrix

         How to Do Business Guide

         ITB Shell

         ITB - Additional Clauses

         ITB - Amendment

         ITB - Notice of Intent to Award

         Level 1 - Alaska Public Procurement Manual

         Non-Conflict of Interest Statement

         Notice of Cancellation

         PEC Evaluator Memo & RFP Evaluators Guide

         PIMs - Procurement Information Messages

         Preferences - Application Guide

         Provisional Certification Application

         Procurement Tracking System Request Template

         Procurement Report

         Purchase Order

         RFI Template

         RFP - Notice of Intent to Award

         RFP Shell

         RFP Shell - Forms Based

         RFP Submittal Forms

         RFP Amendment

         RFP-Project Director Questionnaire

         IRFP Shell

         RFQ - Request for Quotations

         Single Source, Limited Competition, and Emergency RAP

         Unanticipated Amendment Exception (UAE) RAP

         Small Procurement Matrix

         Standard Agreement Form for Professional Services

         Standard Agreement Form for Professional Services
                   (ALTERNATE: To be used when AG's Office approval is required.)

         Standard Agreement Form (Amendment)

         Standard Contract Form for Goods and Non Professional Services

         Standard Contract Form (Amendment)

         Waiver Request Memo

         Written Determinations

                   Written Determinations Form

         UAE RAP - Request Guide

         Single Source RAP - Evidence Guide