State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of General Services



  • Number: 02-610
  • Name: Property Salvage/Destruction Request
  • Nickname: PSD Request
  • Date of last revision: 1/93
  • Type: Mandatory
  • General Information:

    The purpose of this form is to request permission to salvage or destroy property that has no further useful life. (Note: Damage or destruction caused by accident or vandalism is handled on a "Lost-Stolen-Damaged Property Review" form.

    Departments must establish their own procedures for determining that salvage or destruction is appropriate. (See Section 3-2.) Property Salvage/Destruction Requests must be approved by the PMO before they may be implemented.

    Department Request

    The PSD form provides spaces for confirmation signatures from the Property Custodian, Immediate Supervisor, and Division or Regional Director. The actual routing of the report will depend on the Department's internal policy.

    The Department Property Officer must assure that all necessary information is entered, signatures affixed, and any supporting documents attached before submitting the form to the PMO.

    PMO Request

    The PMO may also initiate a Property Salvage/Destruction Request in response to an Inter-Departmental Property Transfer Authorization Request (TAR) where the Office determines that items excessed by a department are not needed by another department, have no marketability, or are not economical to sell.

    If salvage, cannibalization and/or destruction is to be performed, the PMO will return Form 02-622 to the Department with a "Property Salvage/Destruction Request," Form 02-610 attached. On-line accountability records will remain in pending status until the completed Form 02-610 is returned to the PMO and the Property/Salvage Destruction entry is put on-line by the Department Property Officer.

    Final clearing of the on-line updates is the responsibility of the PMO.

    The Department is responsible for the safe keeping of the property until disposition is completed as directed by the PMO.

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