State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of General Services



  • Number: 02-622 and continuation form 02-622A
  • Name: Inter-departmental Property Transfer Authorization and Report
  • Nickname: TAR
  • Date of last revision: 9/87
  • Type: Mandatory
  • General Information:

    Each Department Property Officer should perform data entry input prior to submitting the TAR to the PMO so the document detail is "on-line" for review and approval. All items which have been placed in audit track must be reactivated prior to on-line transfer. This will expedite completion of the transaction. The following instructions also apply to any continuation forms used.

    Form Control Number and Number of Pages

    The Form Control Number will be pre-printed.

    The "Page 1 of ____ " must be completed indicating how many pages are being used.

    If there is more than one page, a continuation form 02-622A must be used. Show the 02-622 control number and the number of pages on any continuation forms used.

    Signatures and other information on Form 02-622 apply to any attached continuation forms.

    All items must be properly tagged with information including the form control number. The surplus warehouses will not accept property that is not tagged. See Sections 5-1 and 7-1.

    Type of Transfer Entries

    • Enter "Direct" when moving property directly from one department to another.
    • Enter "Excess" when reporting excess to the surplus code "98" which is the Anchorage or Juneau PMO.
    • Enter "Abandoned" for Lost, Found or Abandoned Property. In addition, attached a signed judge's court order authorizing its disposal. Call the PMO for a sample order.
    • Enter "Confiscated" for property which the State has acquired through a legal confiscation process and attach the court order. If the court order discloses information which must remain confidential, include only the reference number of the court order on the TAR.
    • "Reutilization" will be entered by the PMO when transferring from the surplus code "98" to active use, any department.
    • "Mandatory" will be entered by the PMO when a mandatory transfer is required. (See Section 5-3.)
    • Enter "E.O. # _____" when an Executive Order mandates the transfer.

    "Property Officer Receiving" -- If "direct" transfer, show Property Officer of Department accepting transferred items; if "excess" transfer, show Juneau or Anchorage Surplus Property Officer.

    "Reference Data/Location" -- Enter city and location code.

    "Department Receiving" -- If "excess" transfer, enter Admin/Surplus as the receiving department.

    "Item" -- Enter an item number (not quantity) -- beginning with "1" -- for each item on this particular report.

    "Description" -- Enter enough information to identify the item if it is stored among similar items. If "item" is actually a set or is actually several non-controlled items, enter "1 lot."

    "____ if PCN or S/N is Active" -- Place a check mark in the box if the Property Control Number or Serial Number is active in the computerized Property Control System. The next column which has only a check mark at the top is for PMO use only.

    Tag Number (PCN) -- Enter PCN affixed by excessing department. If there is no Property Control Number, enter "none." If there is a tag, enter the number regardless of whether revised tagging policy has made the number unnecessary. Also enter the serial number, if applicable.

    "Quantity" -- If "Description" indicates "1 lot," enter the number of pieces in the lot. Each piece must be tagged.

    "Condition" -- Condition codes are listed on the form. Be as accurate as possible. Excess property does not have to be junk in order to justify excessing it and an accurate condition code helps determine whether the property should be reutilized.

    "Value" -- Should be acquisition value. Leave blank if acquisition value is unknown.

    "Disposition Instructions" -- Used by the PMO which marks and initials the appropriate option.

    "Contact (Name)" and "Contact (Phone)" -- If this is an excess report from a location other than Anchorage or Juneau or where physical transfer to a surplus warehouse would be impractical, enter the name of the Property Custodian who would actually show the listed items to prospective buyers in the event of a surplus sale. Include the mailing address of the Custodian in the body of the form after the last entry. If the department wishes a second person notified in addition to the actual custodian, that name and address may also be entered on the form.

    "Date Released" and "Signature" -- If the type of transfer is "reutilization", this block will be signed by the PMO. For other types of transfers, the Department Property Officer releasing the property should sign.

    "Date Received" and "Signature" -- Signature of Department Property Officer accepting transferred items or signature of PMO when type of transfer is "excess".