State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of General Services



  • Number: 02-623
  • Name: Property Control Data Collection Form
  • Nickname: Receiving Report
  • Date of last revision: 3/93
  • Type: Discretionary
  • General Information:

    This form is available to departments for their use in assuring that new property is entered into the Property Control System or in compiling other items which need entry. Once data entry is complete, the forms may be kept on file to use in resolving any discrepancies that may appear on the next inventory printout.

    The previous edition of this form (6/85) was entitled "Receiving Report and Property Control Data Collection Form.

    "Entry Date" -- This is the date the information is actually entered into the computerized Property Control System.

    "Item" -- Enter an item number (not quantity) -- beginning with "l" -- for each item on this particular report.

    "CUS" Custodian code -- used by the computerized Property Control System to identify the Property Custodian.

    Condition "CON" Codes --

    • N New
    • E Excellent
    • G Good
    • P Poor
    • S Salvage
    • X Scrap

    Fund "FND" Codes --

    • 1 State Funds
    • 2 ESD Grants
    • 3 100% Federal Funds
    • 4 Returnable Federal Property
    • 5 Loaned
    • 6 Escheated
    • D Donated
    • F State & Federal Funding
    • G Grant Funds
    • L Lease Purchase
    • R Rent or Lease
    • S Special Category

    "Value" This eight-character field is used to record the total acquisition cost of the property, to the nearest dollar, except for property managed by the Division of Information Services and the State Equipment Fleet.

    Communications equipment and official use vehicles are carried by the user agency on its inventory with a zero ($000) dollar value to avoid duplication of asset accounting.

    If the acquisition cost is unknown, enter an estimate of the replacement cost. Transferring an item from department to department will not affect the value entry. Adjustment to the value entry should be make when a known change occurs such as upgrading through the addition of options or accessories. Scheduled depreciation or appreciation such as might occur with museum artifacts would also make it appropriate to adjust the value entry.

    "Date" -- This should be the month and year the item was actually acquired.

    "Source Document" Codes --