State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of General Services



  • Number: 02-627
  • Name: Lost-Stolen-Damaged Property Review
  • Nickname: LSD
  • Date of last revision: 12/92
  • Type: Mandatory
  • General Information:

    The purpose of this form is to report lost or stolen property and damage or destruction caused by accident or by vandalism. (Note: Planned destruction is handled on a "Property Salvage/Destruction Request.")

    Departments may establish their own procedures for reporting and reviewing property loss, damage or destruction. (See Section 3-1.) The Department of Administration, Division of Risk Management should be notified as soon as the loss is known. A copy of the completed Form 02-627 must also be submitted to Risk Management.

    The LSD form provides sections to be completed by the Property Custodian, Division Director, Department Property Officer and Commissioner's office. The actual routing of the report will depend on the circumstances and Department Policy.

    The Department Property Officer must assure that all necessary information is entered, signatures affixed, and supporting documents attached before submitting the form to the PMO. Supporting documents would include:

    • employee or property custodian report detailing how the loss occurred
    • witness list
    • efforts made to recover the property
    • police reports if theft is suspected

    If the same incident involves more than one item, additional items may be listed on an attached sheet. For each item on the second sheet, be sure to include:

    • report number
    • serial number
    • property tag number
    • item description
    • class code
    • estimated acquisition value

    Effect on Inventory

    Block #16 under "Report of Review" provides an opportunity to indicate whether the property will remain in service. For damaged property, "will remain in service," retains the item on inventory and provides a permanent record that a damage report has been submitted.

    Property reported as "Lost", "Stolen", "Destroyed" or "Damaged-will not remain in service" needs no further documentation for deletion from inventory. On-line entry by the Department Property Officer, followed by on-line approval from the PMO, places the item in the department audit track. For audit requirements, the complete record and all supporting information for an inventory deletion must be retained until disposition of the file is completed.

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