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Out of State Military Stationed in Alaska

Individuals on active duty military orders stationed in Alaska that choose to remain a resident of another state are not required to obtain a license in Alaska.  This applies only to active duty personnel and not to dependents.  Military dependents are required to surrender their out of state license and obtain a license in Alaska.

Please check directly with the state you are a resident of to determine if they have a military extension policy or what is required to renew your license in that state while living in Alaska.  If you hold a commercial driver's license, be sure to specify in your request as there are differences in the military policy for commercial and non-commercial licenses.

Motorcycle Licenses for Military Members:

In Alaska a motorcycle license is a class of license and not an endorsement. This means that under Alaska law a person obtaining a new class of license, such as a motorcycle license, must be examined by the DMV.  Due to the requirement to appear in person, the Alaska DMV cannot make any modifications to your current class of license if you are not physically present in the State.  This also applies to members of the military who may be stationed out of state.