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Alaska Identification Card

In order to obtain an ORIGINAL Alaska State Identification Card, you must provide the same documentation as required for an original permit or driver license, with the exception of proof of driving ability and parental consent.

Two items are required to obtain a DUPLICATE. To renew your State ID, you must surrender your previously issued ID or provide two items.

Click HERE for further documentation requirements.

State identification cards may be issued to applicants of all ages. Most identification cards are valid for five years after issuance and expire on the applicant's birth date.  Identification cards issued to applicants that are 16 to 20 years old will expire 90 days after the applicant's 21st birthday.

Please click here for current fees.  An applicant who is 60 years or older will be issued an identification card free of charge unless they have a court ordered alcohol restriction on their identification card.

If you are a College Student and will be outside of Alaska when your State ID card expires, please click here for further information.