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Kotzebue Title, Registration & Insurance Requirements

Effective JANUARY 1, 2012, vehicles driven in Kotzebue will no longer be exempt from title, registration, and mandatory insurance requirements.  Please register and insure your vehicle (car, truck, snowmachine, ATV) as soon as possible to assure you meet the deadline and avoid a citation.

This information also applies to vehicles being driven to Kotzebue from surrounding communities in the NANA Region.

Local ordinance allows the operation of snowmachines and ATVs on public roadways in Kotzebue; however, a special driver license is required for individuals that do not currently hold a valid Alaska driver license in order to operate a snowmachine or ATV on the public roadways in Kotzebue.

Please see the following links regarding the new requirements for vehicles driven in Kotzebue effective JANUARY 1, 2012. Click on the specific subject for further information and instructions.

For additional information, please contact the Kotzebue DMV or call the DMV's Contract Services Unit at (907) 269-5575.

~ Required by JANUARY 1, 2012
Title and Registration Information   Provisional License
Snowmachine & ATV Registration   Snowmachine & ATV License
Surety Bond Procedures    
Mandatory Insurance    

For additional information on vehicle procedures, please see the following:


The statute and regulation following apply when a community that was previously exempt from title and registration procedures and mandatory insurance no longer qualifies for the exemption.


Sec. 28.10.011. Vehicles subject to registration.

Every vehicle driven, moved, or parked upon a highway or other public parking place in the state shall be registered under this chapter except when the vehicle is

(10) being driven or moved on a highway, vehicular way, or a public parking place in the state that is not connected by a land highway or vehicular way to

(A) the land-connected state highway system; or

(B) a highway or vehicular way with an average daily traffic volume greater than 499;

2 AAC 92.005.  Registration of vehicles removed from registration exempt list. 

If the department determines that an area of the state that is exempt from vehicle registration under   AS 28.10.011(10) should no longer be exempt from vehicle registration due to connection to the land-connected highway system or because of an annual average daily traffic volume greater than 499 as determined by a traffic count conducted by the Alaska Department of Transportation, the department will

(1)  remove the area from the published list required by AS 28.22.011(b);

(2)  notify the governing organization and law enforcement in the affected area of the requirement to title and register vehicles in accordance with AS 28 and this chapter;

(3)  issue a public service announcement using local media broadcasting,  publishing in a newspaper, and posting in public buildings in the affected area; and

(4)  allow a vehicle owner in the affected area 120 days to comply with the title and registration requirements of AS 28 and this chapter.  

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