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Change of Address Information

When you move or change your mailing address, please provide a written change of address request to the Division of Motor Vehicles.  For a change of address on a vehicle record, you may be able to use our online change of address system to update the address on each vehicle.

Please be aware that you must provide the information for ALL vehicles and driver license's that you wish to have the information updated on, as your files are not linked.

Following is a form to make the request easy for you:   Address Change Form

If you are unable to pull up the form and print it, you may send a letter requesting the change.  Be sure to include the following:

  • License plate number(s) and last two digits of the serial number for ALL vehicles you own.  (Boat, trailer, ATV, snowmachine, passenger vehicle and truck/van)  Be sure to print clearly. 
  • To change information on your driver license, please provide your driver license number and printed name.
  • Your signature must be on the request in order for it to be processed. 
  • Mail or deliver the change of address to any DMV.

You will not receive notification that the change has been made. 
For your records, you may do the following: 

Vehicles - Please cross out the previous address on your registration and write the correct address in the space provided.

Driver License - If you wish to have a new license showing your current address, you must apply for a duplicate license.  Please see Fees for the current fees.