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Field Services

This component operates several field offices and commission agents located thruout the State that directly serve the public. It is responsible for issuing vehicle titles, registrations, driver's licenses, and identification cards; administering special registration programs such as personalized plates, amateur radio plates, and dual registrations; processing all title applications received by mail from areas in the State not served by a motor vehicle office; registering voters, collecting motor vehicle registration taxes, enforcing emission control programs, providing organ donor identification and information, and certifying the collection of federal taxes for heavy vehicles.

Summary of Field Services Functions

  • Administrative Hearings
  • ALVIN Information Table Maintenance
  • Commercial Driver License Program
  • Commission Agents
  • Document Certification for Court
  • Driver Examination
  • Driver Licensing / Permit
  • Emission Inspection Enforcement
  • Expert Court Testimony
  • Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Enforcement
  • ICC Special Permits
  • Identification Cards (Public, State & Other)
  • Mailout Driver License Renewal Program
  • Mailout Registration Renewal Program
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Registration
  • Motor Vehicle Ownership Research
  • Odometer Records
  • Organ & Tissue Donor Program
  • Public Records (Vehicle & Driver)
  • Revenue Collection
  • Snow Vehicle Registration
  • Special Plate Issuance
  • Unlawful Title Conversion
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Registration Tax Collection
  • Vehicle Titling
  • Voter Registration