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About DMV

The Division is divided into three interrelated and mutually supportive components:

Driver Services
Field Services

Services and Responsibilities
The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a service oriented organization with a high amount of public contact and visibility. Due to the nature of its programs, the high degree of vehicle ownership, and the necessity to have a driver's license in today's society, the activities of DMV reach virtually every person in the State. Due to the high public contact, DMV regards itself primarily as a service organization which, through the administration of its various programs, will achieve the goal of providing protection of life and property in driver and vehicle related areas.

The main activities of DMV are issuing vehicle registrations and titles, examining and licensing drivers, administering financial responsibility, mandatory insurance, and driver improvement programs, conducting administrative reviews under "drunk driver" laws, and providing records management for all these functions, which account for revenues in excess of $66 million annually.