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Pro-Family, Pro Choice Plates

Pro-Family, Pro Choice license plates are available for use on motor vehicles.

The vehicle must be currently registered in the State of Alaska. There is a fee of $30.00 to obtain the plates.  If the plates are lost, damaged or stolen, there is a fee of $30.00 to replace the plates.This plate also has a $30.00 renewal fee.

To obtain Pro-Family, Pro Choice plates, you need to complete a Vehicle Transaction Application, an Application for Personalized plates and pay the $30.00 plate fee. 

The following items are required to transfer Pro-Family, Pro Choice license plates:

  • Application
  • Copy of the current registration for the vehicle the plates are being transferred to.
  • Copy of the last registration showing the Pro-Family, Pro Choice license plates to be transferred.  (Requested but not required.)
  • Transfer fee of $5.00.

The plates are individually made when requested; therefore, please allow time for processing.

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REV. 01/22/2013