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Iditarod Finisher Plates

Iditarod Finisher license plates are available for use on motor vehicles.  In order to be eligible for these plates, you must have finished the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and have been issued a finisher number from the Iditarod Trail Committee.

The vehicle must be currently registered in the State of Alaska. There is a fee of $50.00 to obtain the plates.  If the plates are lost, damaged or stolen, there is a fee of $50.00 to replace the plates.

To obtain Iditarod Finisher plates, you need to complete a Vehicle Transaction Application, an Application for Personalized plates and pay the $50.00 plate fee. 

You may apply for a plate that contains the letters IDT and your finisher number (Example:  If your finisher number is 999, your plate would read IDT999.)  You may apply for only one IDT plate; however, you may purchase personalized plates in the Iditarod Finisher design for any additional vehicles that you own that are registered in the State of Alaska.

The following items are required to transfer Iditarod Finisher Plates:

  • Application
  • Copy of the current registration for the vehicle the plates are being transferred to.
  • Copy of the last registration showing the Iditarod Finisher Plate to be transferred.  (Requested but not required.)
  • Transfer fee of $5.00.

NOTE:  The name of the individual that finished the race MUST be on the current registration that the plates are being transferred to.

You may apply for Iditarod Finisher plates at any DMV Office. The plates are individually made when requested; therefore, please allow time for processing.