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Farm Vehicle Plates

If you live on a ranch, farm or dairy, and derive your main source of income from that. Your vehicle may qualify as a farm vehicle and be eligible for farm plates.

The registration fee for a farm vehicle is $68.00 and is valid for two years, regardless of the body style or weight of the vehicle.


  • You must live on a ranch, farm or dairy
  • Your main source of income must be from a ranch, farm or dairy
  • The unladen vehicle weighs 20,000 lbs. or less
  • The vehicle is used only for:
    • Transporting farm products to or from market
    • Transporting supplies, commodities, or equipment to be used on farm

Please note: If a vehicle weighs 20,001 lbs. or more, the vehicle must be registered as a commercial vehicle and does not qualify for farm plates.

Please note: If the vehicle meets the requirements for heavy vehicle use tax, they are not exempt from this requirement because of the farm plates.

How do I apply for Farm plates?

Make a statement in the affidavit section of the Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 812)