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Amateur Radio

Special license plates are available for use on vehicles containing mobile radios, and whose registered owners hold valid Federal Communications Commission (FCC) amateur radio operator's licenses.

You or your organization may request one set of amateur radio plates for each radio license issued to you by the federal government.

How do I get an Amateur Radio License?

Original amateur radio plates are only issued by the Anchorage Field Office at:

State of Alaska
Division of Motor Vehicles
ATTN: Research (Am Radio)
1300 W Benson Boulevard STE 200
Anchorage AK 99503-3600

Please submit the following:

Please Note: If you are unable to certify to all six questions on the Certificate of Eligibility there will be a registration fee as normal for your vehicle

Please Note: Full registration fees are required for commercial vehicles.

How do I renew my amateur radio plates?

Due to the paperwork requirements, this type of plate cannot be renewed online; however, you can renew through the mail or at your local DMV Office.

A copy of your FCC license and a new Certificate of Eligibility (Form 830) are required.

Please note: transfers may also be processed at any field office.