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Registration Renewal - Attending College - Out of Alaska

As long as you are a full-time student attending college outside of Alaska and remain a resident of Alaska, you may continue to renew your vehicle registration in Alaska, while using your mailing and residence address where you are attending college.

If you change your legal residence, obtain employment or become a part-time student, you must change your vehicle registration to the state you are living in.

Please note: Use these procedures only if your name is shown on the original Alaska vehicle title. If the vehicle is titled by your parents, use the same procedures as a person outside of Alaska on vacation, please visit: Renewing from Outside Alaska

Please note: If your registration is expired or due to expire within 30 days, please email us for assistance. Please provide your current mailing and residence address, along with the license plate number of the vehicle you wish to renew.

Please note: You are not required to provide the State of Alaska with proof of emissions testing while living outside of Alaska; however, you will need to check with the state you are living in to assure you are in compliance with their laws.

For options on renewing your registration, please see Renew Vehicle Registration