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Registration Renewal By Mail or In Person

The Division of Motor Vehicles mails a "pre-bill" or "mail-out" registration application to the registered owner's last known address. This is mailed approximately 30 days prior to the first day of the month in which the vehicle registration is due to expire. The pre-bill or mail-out identifies the vehicle, owner, and the applicable fees due (registration, inspection and Motor Vehicle Registration Tax (MVRT). For this reason, it is very important that you keep your address current. Completing a change of address card at the post office does not assure that you will receive your renewal notice from the DMV. You must advise the DMV directly of each vehicle and drivers license record that needs to be changed.

Vehicles are registered for a two year period. Normally a vehicle is assigned an expiration date when the vehicle is first registered in Alaska and retains that month when ownership changes. A vehicle that has been expired for less than a full year is charged the full biennial fee beginning with the month the registration expired, even if an individual has just purchased the vehicle and the previous owner let the vehicle expire, or the vehicle has been parked while it was expired. The registration starts over when it has been expired for over an entire year or when the previous owner was exempt from registration fees (Senior Exemption, Disability Plates, etc.)

To renew a registration by mail, please return both copies of the signed form along with the correct fees no later than the 5th day of the month in which the registration is due to expire. Any address changes should be noted on both copies of the form.

Applicants that apply in person will need to bring either their last issued registration, a pre-bill form or complete a Vehicle Transaction Application.

If an individual has not mailed the "pre-bill" renewal form by the 5th day of the month in which the registration is due to expire, it may still be mailed; however, the completed registration and tabs may not be received before the registration expires. If an individual misses the mailing deadline, they or a representative may apply in person or use our online service (shown below) to renew the registration. Alaska does not charge a late fee for renewals; however, an additional $10.00 additional registration fee will be charged to persons who choose to renew their vehicle registration in person at a DMV office.

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