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Military Stationed in Alaska
Non-Resident Vehicle Registration

50 U.S.C. App. §§501-597b1

As a non-resident you are not required to transfer your title and/or registration to Alaska. You may retain the registration in the state you are a resident of.

If you choose to obtain registration in Alaska, you may submit a completed military affidavit with your request for Alaska registration and would not be required to pay motor vehicle registration tax on your vehicle(s). A separate affidavit is required for each vehicle.

As long as you are active duty military stationed in Alaska on military orders and you remain a resident of another state, you must submit one of the following with your registration renewal notice in order to be exempt from the tax:

  • Current (within 90 days) LES showing your home of record as a state other than Alaska
  • Military Affidavit

Mail renewals to:

State of Alaska
Division of Motor Vehicles
1300 W Benson Boulevard STE 200
Anchorage AK 99503-3600