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Confidentiality of Motor Vehicle Records

Effective June 1, 2000, the release of vehicle records is restricted by state and federal law. The personal information is integrated into the vehicle record so the record cannot be released unless the person, business, or organization requesting the record qualifies under one of the authorized exceptions shown on Form 851 - Request for Vehicle Record.

For purposes of the law "personal information" includes name and both mailing and residence addresses of any individual on the record. The definition of "individual" includes a person, an organization, or an entity. This is broad enough to include people, businesses, trusts, organizations, and lienholder, if the lienholder is an individual. If the lienholder is a business or institution, the release is not required.

Records can only be released for an authorized use as allowed under the law. There is a $10.00 fee for all vehicle records. This includes a computer printout and any copies of documents retained in the microfilm files, if requested.

A record may be released to the owner listed on that record and any record may be released to any local, state, or federal government agency. An owner must pay the $10.00 fee to obtain their own record.