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Foreign Vehicles

The Customs Territory of the United States is defined as the 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

If you intend to bring a vehicle into Alaska from anywhere other than one of these areas, you must obtain documents from U.S. Customs before you can title and register your vehicle in Alaska.

Any vehicle being registered in Alaska must be manufactured to U.S. standards. If your vehicle would normally require an I/M test, you must obtain clearance from the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C. to submit with your documents.

You may contact the EPA Certification & Compliance Agency at (202) 564-9240.  You would need to leave a message with your information and they will contact you.  Their fax number for forms is (202) 564-9660.

For military personnel, please contact the Military Traffic Management Command to assure you have the proper documents.

If you have further questions on what is required to title and register your vehicle, please contact U.S. Customs or a DMV representative.

This is just a basic guideline and your vehicle may require other documents in addition to the regular items used to transfer ownership of a vehicle.