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New Vehicle

Vehicle includes: passenger car, motor home, truck, van, trailer or motorcycle

If you have purchased a new or used vehicle, you will need to submit the following items to a DMV office in order to obtain title and registration in your name. We do not accept original title requests or transfers through the mail.

It is illegal for the buyer to sell the vehicle again without first obtaining a title in their name.

Alaska Statutes require that you apply for a title in your name within 30 days of purchasing a vehicle.

If you are living in a remote part of Alaska and do not have a DMV Office, please visit Titles in Remote Alaska

If you are active duty military stationed outside of Alaska, please visit Military Title Procedures


  • OWNERSHIP DOCUMENT(s) ~ Title, MCO* or other comparable document

    *MCO: When a Manufacture's Certificate of Origin (MCO) is submitted, it must either have the applicants name printed on the face, or the Dealership printed on the face must use the Dealer Reassignment to assign the vehicle to the applicant.

    TITLE:  The title must be properly released from the previous owner and assigned to the applicant.  A private individual cannot reassign a title until obtaining a title in their name.  CONJUNCTION:  When the ownership document is assigned to more than one person, all parties are required to release their interest in the vehicle when the conjunction is anything other than "OR".  This applies when there is nothing between the names or when the conjunction shows "AND/OR" or "AND".  For other conjunctions, check directly with DMV.

    Special Note:  When there is a title that is already in your name in another state, and the lienholder is holding the original title outside of Alaska, we will issue a 'registration only'. You would just need to provide the registration or a photocopy of the title to show it is in your name in the other state.  The $15.00 title fee and $15.00 lien recording fees would be waived as we would not be issuing a title.

  • Original Application for Title & Registration  Completed in full (in ink) and signed by the vehicle owner.

    Current odometer reading for vehicles under 12,000 pounds and less than 10 years old.  Caution:  Do not guess as this cannot be changed.  The current odometer reading must be on the ownership document and the application.  If either the buyer or seller has not attested to the odometer reading, a separate Odometer Disclosure is required.

    You must possess a valid Alaska driver's License.

    You must enter your complete mailing and residence address in sections 3 and 4 of the Application.  Unless you are active duty military or a full-time college student, you must have an address in the State of Alaska.

    If you are making payments to an individual, business or financial institution, you must provide their name and mailing address in section 5 (Lienholder).  All titles with a lien will be mailed directly to the lienholder.

  • REGISTRATION (when the vehicle has been previously registered).   If this is not available, an explanation may be required in section 9 of the application.
  • Fees
  • Notarized Power of Attorney (For all transactions when a person signed on behalf of the vehicle owner, including LEASED vehicles, using a power of attorney.  Recommended for other transactions, just in case there is a problem with the paperwork.)
  • LIEN RELEASE (A lien release is required when a lien is showing on the MCO and has been paid.  A lien release is required when a title has a lienholder on it and you are requesting an Alaska title, regardless of whether the lien has been paid or not.  You may obtain a letter from the lienholder stating that the lien release is conditional on placing a new lien on the Alaska title.   Statements with a "paid" stamp are not acceptable.)


  • Transferring license plates
  • The Division of Motor Vehicles does not accept applications by mail for an original title or transfer of title.  (Exception:  Remote Alaska)  This includes vehicles purchased through Dealerships or vehicles that are financed through out-of-state banks, credit unions or individual parties.
  • Vehicles are registered for a two year period. Normally a vehicle is assigned an expiration date when the vehicle is first registered in Alaska and retains that month when ownership changes. A vehicle that has been expired for less than a full year is charged the full biennial fee beginning with the month the registration expired, even if an individual has just purchased the vehicle and the previous owner let the vehicle expire, or the vehicle has been parked while it was expired. The registration starts over when it has been expired for over an entire year or when the previous owner was exempt from registration fees (Senior Exemption, Disability Plates, etc.)