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Remote Alaska Title Procedures

If you live in an area of Alaska that does not have access by road (within 50 miles) of a DMV, please mail the following items to the address shown below in order to transfer a title to your name. The documents must be mailed from an area of Alaska that does not have access to a DMV or a city where the DMV will be closed for at least two weeks, otherwise, the documents will be returned unprocessed.

  1. OWNERSHIP DOCUMENT: ~ Title or Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO)

    New Vehicles (Purchased From a Dealer) - An MCO is an ownership document that a car dealer uses before a title is issued by the state. The dealer will assign the MCO to a purchaser by completing the information on the back of the MCO and signing it. Only a dealer may assign an MCO. The MCO assigned to the applicant must be submitted as proof of ownership when applying for a title.

    Used Vehicles - A title is proof of ownership and the title from the previous owner must be properly released by the previous owner(s) and assigned to the applicant by fully completing the first assignment section. "Properly released" means that the title must be signed by one or more of the owners shown on the front of the title. If there is only one owner or if there is more than one owner joined by the conjunction "OR" then only one signature is needed. If there is more than one owner joined by any other conjunction or if there is not a conjunction then all owners must sign to release their interest in the vehicle. Only dealers may reassign a title. All other persons or businesses must obtain title in their name before selling a vehicle.

  2. VEHICLE REGISTRATION: (for previously registered vehicles).

    Make a copy to carry in the vehicle.  If you did not receive a registration or have lost it, state why you do not have the registration in the affidavit (section 8) of the application.


    The application must be completed in full (in ink). Your current mailing and residence (physical) addresses must be entered in sections 3 and 4.

  4. ODOMETER READING: (vehicles less than 12,000 pounds and 10 years old)

    This must be on the previous title or MCO, as well as on the application.  If there is not a space for it on the previous title, please submit an Odometer Disclosure Form with your documents.


    If you are making payments on the vehicle, you must enter the name and address of the individual or company to whom you are making the payments.


    A lien release is required when a lien is showing on the MCO and has been paid. A lien release is required when a title has a lienholder on it and you are requesting an Alaska title, regardless of whether the lien has been paid or not. You may obtain a letter from the lienholder stating that the lien release is conditional on placing a new lien on the Alaska title. Statements with a "paid" stamp are not acceptable.

  7. FEES:

    If the title is from another state and your lienholder is holding the original title, Alaska will issue a 'registration only'. The $15.00 title fee and $15.00 lien recording fees are waived because we will not be issuing a title. Please click on fees for a complete listing.The license plates, registration, and tabs will be mailed to the address you have entered in section three (3) of the application. The title will be mailed to the individual or company listed in section five (5) of the application. If "NONE" is listed in this section, the title will be mailed to the address shown in section three (3).

NOTE: If you have Personalized or Specialty license plates that you wish to transfer to your new vehicle, you must request that in the affidavit section (8) of the application, and include the plate number you wish to transfer. Please provide a copy of the last registration, along with the $5.00 fee to transfer the plates. Standard issue plates cannot be transferred. The name on the previous vehicle and new vehicle must match in order to transfer plates.

Mail your request and all original documents to the following address. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing and mailing time.

State of Alaska
Division of Motor Vehicles
1300 W Benson Boulevard STE 200
Anchorage AK 99503-3600