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Exemption Process

There are occasions when member agencies of the DOA enterprise have special conditions or extraordinary requirements that prevent them from conforming with a standard. Agencies may request an exemption from an approved standard by addressing paragraphs 1 and 2 below, in writing, to the DOA Information Technology Desktop support group. ( Exceptions or conflicts are resolved by the State Technology Management Council (TMC).

TMC Waiver Request Form

Situations That May Lead To Exemptions Include:

  • Federal restrictions when funding of the acquisition is predominantly federal;
  • Legislative or regulatory mandates requiring exceptional measures;
  • The standard would preclude the ability to transfer a system from another organization;
  • Upgrades to the installed base of existing systems.

However, Exceptions Shall Be Granted Only If:

  1. Compliance with the standard would adversely affect the ability of the agency to accomplish mission critical functions; or,
  2. Compliance would cause a major adverse financial impact on the agency which is not offset by enterprise savings.

Agencies wishing to obtain an exemption, must make a written case that the exemption outweighs the good of the enterprise.