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DOA Purchasing Procedure

Purchases of software and hardware must comply with the standards established by both the Statewide TMC and the Departmental Governance Groups. Violation of these procedures are cause for revocation of purchasing authority.

E-Quotes for PC Purchases

Divisional shoppers submit an equote after selecting standard component options. The equote will be sent to your departmental procurement officer. Send the equote to the DOA-IT Manager for approval. Once approved you may purchase the PC using a State One Card. For more details on this process, please refer to the Resourceful Flow Chart - Dell Purchases - Buyer.

Why We Replace Computers Every 3-4 years!

Technology refresh saves money and boosts performance. Top-performing organizations take a systematic and structured approach to technology refresh, upgrading infrastructure, and replacing end-user devices such as workstations, PCs, and printers every three years or so. Although the investment is certainly substantial, the practice results in improved performance and significant savings in support costs. Just how significant? According to research, organizations that regularly upgrade infrastructure and replace end-user equipment pay almost three times less for transport and labor as do average companies, and also pay substantially less for hardware support.

Examining the PC Upgrade Cycle Network World
The cost to support a PC each year is anywhere from three to five times higher than the cost to purchase the PC in the first place.

Top 10 Refresh Topics (revised from article by Gartner)
Refresh aging software and hardware.

Are we paying tooo much- You Bet!
This is why we have Standards....

Proof of Ownership

Each division is responsible for and must maintain documentation which may include license agreements, delivery orders, invoice, actual disks or other proof of ownership. Proof of ownership documentation should not be discarded.

Servers, Non-Standard Desktops, Laptops or Software and Any IT Project

All IT servers and all IT projects and any non-standard desktops, laptops or software must be reviewed and approved by the Department IT Manager, VACANT (907)465-5738, for compliance with the DOA department IT plan, state standards and possible exemption requirements.

Requests for Information Technology standards, waivers, exceptions, or exemptions must be submitted in writing through our Department IT Manager to our service area representative. If you have an IT related question or issue in DOA, check with DOAIT staff.