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Web Filter & Online Storage Waivers

DOA-IT completes the waivers for Department of Administration staff.

Department of Administration Process

To see the step-by-step procedure for filling out a web filtering waiver, please follow the Web Filtering Waiver Flowchart.

Note: The web filter adjusts your access to a category of websites. When you identify a blocked site, please note the URL Categories that are listed.

Why is this required?

The State of Alaska prevents users of the state network from reaching certain Internet sites, as indicated in State of Alaska Information Security policy (ISP-166, pdf, internal):

The SOA monitors and filters all web based traffic to the internet for non-business related material and malicious content to conserve bandwidth, to minimize the cost of conducting SOA business and to provide security to the SOA networks and assets which contain sensitive and/or confidential information.

Staff who have a business need to reach these site can use the waiver process to continue doing business.