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Project Goals

Standardization Standardized accounting rules and financial controls for all SOA agencies means staff trained to use IRIS will be trained to work in any department in the State of Alaska.
Transparency The establishment and adoption of common accounting rules and consistent controls for all SOA agencies will provide improved government transparency and accountability.
Real-Time Real-time reporting capabilities, meaning data will be updated as the system receives information instead of having to wait for nightly batch runs to occur.
Automation Automated approval processes will help minimize paper processes, eliminate redundant data entry and help to reduce data errors.
Security By supporting security based on roles and reliable audit capabilities, IRIS will improve security for sensitive information.
Availability IRIS is designed for rapid system recovery and high system availability, which will minimize downtime and aid speedy recovery.
Support IRIS is supported by a multi-year, renewable contract that provides ongoing technical support and regular software updates, so that IRIS can adapt to changing technology and demands.