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IRIS Project

Executive & Steering Teams

IRIS Executive Team

The IRIS Executive Team is ultimately accountable and responsible for the business outcome of IRIS and has a sufficient level of authority to make decisions for the overall project. The Executive Team provides the leverage needed to promote, defend, and enhance the success of IRIS under the administrative systems replacement initiative.

Executive Team Members

  • Jim Whitaker, Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor
  • Sheldon Fisher, Commissioner, Department of Administration
  • John Boucher, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Administration

IRIS Steering Committee

The IRIS Steering Committee provides oversight for the project. The Steering Committee represents the interests of the State of Alaska (SOA) by ensuring that a structured process is used to consider decisions and that the implementation of best practices are maintained and aligned statewide. The Steering Committee reports to the project's Executive Team and, as a deciding body, is responsible for project decision making which may include technical decisions, business process decisions and changes in scope, schedule, budget, or risk.

Steering Committee Members

Voting Members

  • Jeanmarie Davis, Administrative Services Directors Representative - Chair
  • Cristine O'Sullivan, State Finance Officers Association Representative – Vice Chair
  • Jason Soza, SOA Chief Procurement Officer
  • Scot Arehart, Director, Division of Finance
  • Guy Bell, Administrative Services Directors Representative
  • Charlie Deininger, Alaska Procurement Officers Group Representative
  • Nancy Sutch, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations
  • Darla Madden, Alaska Procurement Officers Group Representative
  • Jim Bates, Director, Enterprise Technology Services
  • June Gotschall, State Finance Officers Association Representative

Non-Voting Members

  • Teri Rasmussen, SOA Project Manager
  • Matt Shaw, Contractor Project Manager
  • Stephanie Allison, Alternate State Finance Officers Association Representative
  • Heidi Teshner, Alternate Administrative Services Directors Representative
  • Vacant, Alternate Alaska Procurement Officers Group representative