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IRIS Timeline

The IRIS Project Team published a detailed timeline of work activities starting in Fall 2014 through the Finance / Procurement Go Live.

IRIS Project Phases

The IRIS Project is divided into phases that help organize all of the work that needs to occur prior to go live. Since IRIS is being implemented in sections -- finance and procurement in July 2015 and HR and payroll in 2016 -- the IRIS Project will go through the five phases for each of these two major efforts.

IRIS Phases

As shown above, the five project phases are Enterprise Readiness, Envision, Build, Achieve and Stabilization & Optimization. The work completed in each of these phases supports the work in the following phase. Below is a brief description of each phase:

Enterprise Readiness involved documenting current processes to gain an understanding of how work is done today.

Next, the IRIS Project moved into Envision, which takes the information from Enterprise Readiness and develops a plan for how work will be done in the future and how we move from today to that future.

Right now we are in the Build phase for Finance and Procurement. As the name implies, this phase of the project is when the new system is actually built or configured, based on the designs developed in the Envision phase.

In January 2015, the IRIS Project will move into the Achieve phase. This phase includes all of the final preparations (including training of end users) that need to occur in order for IRIS to successfully be implemented.

Stabilization & Optimization is the final phase and includes the actual implementation of the new system. Also during this phase of the project, people and systems are monitored to ensure adoption of the new system is successful.