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03.02.2017 -- IRIS References and Resources Webpage Revision

We have made some revisions to the IRIS References and Resources webpage. There are now subpages for users of Employee Self Service (ESS), IRIS Financial/Procurement (FIN/PROC), IRIS Human Resource Management (HRM), and IRIS Security and Workflow. Each page contains content specific to that audience. We hope this will help users locate the information they are seeking more easily and efficiently.

01.17.2017 -- IRIS HRM is Live!

The implementation of Alaska’s statewide human resource and payroll software system is here! Starting at 6am on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, State of Alaska employees may begin working in IRIS HRM for Calendar Year 2017 payroll and other employee related transactions.

Normal operating hours for IRIS will be daily 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. with the following exceptions:

  • 6:00 a.m. – noon on days following batch payrolls processing SEMI

To help users with some of the more common system activities, the IRIS Team has published a video tutorials, job aids, reference documents, and training manuals. These materials may be found on the References and Resources webpage.

01.17.2017 -- IRIS HRM Employee Self Service (ESS) is now available

The Go Live of the IRIS HRM System includes the introduction of the Employee Self Service (ESS) module. ESS allows State employees a convenient way to review various payroll information specific to them through a secure online portal accessible both inside and outside the State network.

Through ESS, employees can:

  • Submit updates to their contact information, including address changes and emergency contacts
  • Create an employee information change request (e.g., change employee last name)
  • View tax withholdings/allowances
  • Check their leave balance
  • Review their performance evaluations
  • View payroll information specific to them

SOA employees will continue to have access to the State Employee Documents Online website to review paystubs from pre-IRIS HRM. This site will remain available for up to a year after Go Live.

Access to ESS

ESS is available to all active State employees and may be accessed via the IRIS website or at the following URL: https://iris-ess.alaska.gov.

To login to ESS, employees will use their 6-digit Employee ID and enterprise password. If you do not know your employee ID, you may locate it using the Enterprise directory Advanced Search (accessible only from inside the SOA network).

ESS References

A number of reference materials for the use of the ESS Portal have been developed, including:

Important Notice - Timesheet Entry through ESS

The electronic timesheet feature of ESS will be piloted by Department of Administration’s Division of Finance, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations, Division of Administrative Services, and overtime-eligible employees in the Department of Law at Go Live. All other employees will continue to submit timesheet information as they do today. Similarly, supervisors outside the above listed departments and divisions will continue to approve timesheets as they do today. Timekeepers will then enter the information into IRIS HRM. Timesheets from departments with timekeeping systems (DPS, DFG, DEC and DNR-EFF) will interface timesheets from their respective systems into IRIS HRM.

The electronic timesheet feature will be rolled out to interested divisions and departments beginning in the spring of 2017 and will be a coordinated effort between the IRIS HRM team, IRIS agency contacts, payroll contacts, and department timekeepers.

In addition to the above mentioned ESS reference materials, two short videos on submitting timesheets are also available on the IRIS References & Resources page. Further instructions and timesheet scenarios are included in the ESS Reference Guide [PDF] (Outside SOA Network Link).

01.17.2017 -- IRIS References and Resources

The IRIS References and Resources page contains reference materials for the use of the IRIS Financial/Procurement and IRIS Human Resource Management (HRM) modules. The page is divided into four sections:

  1. General References and Resources
  2. Job-Aids and References
  3. Training Manuals
  4. Video Tutorials

Users are encouraged to review these materials to aid in increasing their understanding in the use of IRIS.

07.28.2016 -- IRIS Insight - June and July 2016

The June/July edition of the IRIS Insight newsletter has been posted. Headlines include: “30•60•90 Day Look Ahead”, “IRIS Course Registration Information”, “Learning More About IRIS HRM”, and “Team Spotlights”.

New Financial and Procurement Job-Aids Posted

Seven new IRIS Financial and Procurement Job-Aids have been posted to the System References and Resources webpage.

Procurement eCatalogs

IRIS Procurement contains a feature known as “PunchOut”, which is the interaction between a vendor’s web storefront and a buyer’s procurement application (IRIS for State of Alaska). The buyer leaves or “punches out” of IRIS and goes to the suppliers eCatalog to locate and add items to their shopping cart, which IRIS maintains connection with the website gathering pertinent information. eCatalogs are currently available for the NASPO ValuePoint Industrial Supplies contracts with Grainger and Fastenal. The Division of General Services will be working with additional vendors to add more eCatalogs for State buyer’s to utilize. For more information, please see the instructional guide and video tutorial on eCatalogs (PunchOut) available on the IRIS References and Resources page.

IRIS Financial and Procurement Training Manuals Updated

For the most recent procedural updates, check out the latest versions (4.0) of the IRIS financial and procurement training manuals. Updates include required fields for Misc/Fraud PCard vendors, deletion of manual IET process, and updated procedures for managing contracts.

IRIS Insight - April and May 2016

The April/May edition of the IRIS Insight newsletter has been posted. Headlines include: “Updated IRIS Financial/Procurement Manuals Now Available”, “Testing, Testing, Testing: IRIS HRM Integrated System Testing and User Acceptance Testing”, “How to Learn More About IRIS HRM”, and “Team Spotlights”.

IRIS Insight - November and December 2015

The November/December edition of the IRIS Insight newsletter has been posted. Headlines include "Recap of Updates", "What's all the Chatter about?", "IRIS HRM - Recent Activities", "Which IRIS adjusting document should you use?", "Upcoming IRIS Financial Course Offerings", and "Team Spotlights".

IRIS Insight - October 2015

The October edition of the IRIS Insight newsletter has been posted. Headlines include "IRIS Help Desk Tips", "IRIS HRM Overview", "Helpful Hint for Working with Procurement Documents", and "Team Spotlights".

IRIS Insight - September 2015

The September edition of the IRIS Insight newsletter has been posted. Headlines include "Tips for Working in IRIS FIN/PROC", "IRIS - Human Resource Management", "Recap of Important Updates", and the return of the "Team Spotlights" feature.

IRIS Tutorial Videos

Ten more video tutorials have been added to the References and Resources section of the IRIS Portal website! Topics include processes related to Accounts Payable, RSAs, Clearing Cash Receipts, and Billed Receivables.

IRIS Insight - August 2015

The August edition of the IRIS Insight newsletter has been posted. Headlines include "Tips for Contacting the IRIS Help Desk", "IRIS - 8 Weeks In & Going Strong", "Recap of Important Updates", "Workflow, Worklists & Workload", and "Video Tutorials & Training Manuals Update".

IRIS Training Course Offerings

If you are looking for IRIS Training, please add your name to the IRIS course waitlists in LearnAlaska. The IRIS Project Team will be checking those waitlists to monitor demand for training in Juneau and Anchorage. Students listed on a course waitlist will be auto-enrolled when a new section is added for their location. More information can be found in the July edition of the IRIS Insight newsletter.

IRIS Insight - July 2015

The July edition of the IRIS Insight newsletter has been posted. Headlines include "Tips for Transitioning to IRIS", "IRIS is Live!", "Available Resources for Working in IRIS", and "IRIS Training Course Offerings".

IRIS is Live!

The implementation of Alaska’s first statewide financial and procurement software system is here! At noon on Monday, July 6th, State of Alaska employees may begin working in IRIS for Fiscal Year 2016 financial and procurement activity.

To help users with some of the more common system activities, the IRIS Team has published a series of short video tutorials to assist users with some of the most common financial and procurement activities in IRIS. These tutorials may be found on the References and Resources webpage.

IRIS Security Forms Added

New IRIS Security Forms have been published to the Division of Finance's website. An IRIS Access Affidavit Form and IRIS Security Request Form are now available. Also updated are the Appointing Authority Signatures Form and the Authorized Security Contact Form.

Thank you

As we near Go Live, the entire IRIS Project team would like to thank the departments for the tremendous contribution to the overall success of this effort.

IRIS Help Desk

The IRIS Help Desk will open July 6, 2015.