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IRIS Help Desk

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Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors and Contractors

01. How will the State prepare vendors for IRIS?

Prior to Go Live, the IRIS Project will reach out to all current vendors with the State of Alaska to notify them of the change and how it affects them. After their data is converted from AKSAS, vendors will be provided with IRIS account logins and encouraged to update their information in IRIS through the online Vendor Self-Service (VSS) portal. Those vendors who do not have Internet access may contact a State resource to have their account information entered into IRIS on the vendor’s behalf.

02. How will the State work with vendors?

Existing vendors will be converted to IRIS. During Vendor Outreach, vendors will be encouraged to update their information in IRIS through Vendor Self-Service (VSS). Vendors who do not have Internet access may contact a State resource to have their account information entered into IRIS on the vendor’s behalf. Similarly, existing manual processes will be supported when IRIS is deployed and VSS will allow vendors to select a notification method (e.g., through the mail vs. electronic). In general, Vendors must be set up in IRIS before purchases can be made.

03. How will a vendor, entered into IRIS by the Division of Finance after go-live, receive activation codes for VSS?

This information will be communicated to the Vendor via email.

04. Which Internet browsers are compatible with VSS?

They are Internet Explorer (IE) 8, IE 9, IE 10, IE 11 and Mozilla Firefox ESR 24.

05. How long are passwords valid?

Passwords do not expire but account verification will occur every 360 days.

06. How many login attempts do you get before the system will lock you out?

Users will be locked out after five (5) invalid attempts. You can do a reset of your password in VSS or contact the IRIS Help Desk for assistance.

07. Can a vendor have multiple Account Administrators?

Yes, a vendor can have multiple Account Administrators.

08. If you are logged in, and you add stuff to the watch list, will everyone who has their own login see the same watch list?

If they are different users for the same Vendor they will not see each otherís watch list.

09. Will vendor invoices be electronic or paper?

Vendors awarded a contract, delivery order or purchase order will have the capability to submit electronic invoices in VSS. Vendors without an award document or access to a computer can mail them in as they do now.

10. Is Electronic Payment Inquiry being replaced by VSS?

Electronic Payment Inquiry will eventually age out. Any payments made in AKSAS will stay on the Electronic Payment Inquiry for approximately six months from the date of payment.

11. Will all grant payments be visible on VSS?

Yes, they will be visible to the grantee.

12. Will confidential payments be viewable in VSS under the Checks/EFTs tab?

Yes, they will be viewable by the Vendor who was issued the payment.

13. Where do PDF attachments go when attached to invoice submissions?

They are attached to the Invoice document header (INVSS) in Financial.

14. What is going to happen when a client doesnít have a bank account for EFT payments or the bank closes the account due to inactivity or zero balance?

Vendors must have a valid bank account for EFT payments. If DOF receives an error regarding your EFT account information, such as a closed bank account, DOF will contact the vendor directly.

15. If a child care provider changes their physical address how do we verify that address? OCS needs to make sure the physical address is in compliance with the regulations.

CCPO will evaluate a vendorís record before making payments to child care vendors to ensure addresses match their ICCIS program.

16. How will VSS handle the procurement preferences?

Vendors will have the ability to apply for preferences by checking those for which they qualify. During the evaluation process, the procurement officer will verify the selected preferences.

17. How are procurements signed in VSS?

Procurement documents are approved electronically in IRIS. If a Contract or Agreement needs a wet signature it can be printed from the application and mailed to the Vendor.

18. How many attachments are you allowed when responding to a procurement bid?

Each attachment can be two megabytes (2 MB) in size and the maximum number is five megabytes (5 MB).

19. Can you search solicitations by region?

It depends how the solicitation is set-up. Region is not currently a searchable element on solicitations. However, the region could be included in the description.

20. Where will awarded attachments be posted in VSS?

There is an option to post attachments to the original solicitation if necessary.

21. Will the surplus auctions feature be used in the future?

Currently there are no plans to do so.

22. How long is payment information kept on VSS?

Payment history will be viewable for one year.

23. Iíve registered in VSS, but would also like to sign up for EFTs. How do I do that?

In order for the state to be able to send payments directly to your bank account, you first need to submit an Electronic Payment Agreement. Also available is information for State Employees and Subsidized Adoption / Guardianship and Foster Parents.