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Training Facilities

Anchorage (ANC) Locations

Facility Name Room(s) Street Address Contact / Phone
ANC-Airport Airfield Maintenance Building (DOT) Meeting Room 5740 DeHavilland Avenue    Zaramie Lindseth / 907‑266‑2427
ANC-Alaska Crime Lab (DPS)

Classroom A

Classroom B

Full Classroom

4805 Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue    Kyle Klopfer / 907‑269‑5535
ANC-Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority Large Meeting Room 3745 Community Park Loop    907‑269‑7960
ANC-Alaska Psychiatric Institute (HSS) Room A27C 3700 Piper Street    907‑269‑7100
ANC-Anchorage Correctional Complex (DOC) Meeting Room 1400 East 4th Avenue    Deborah Miller / 907‑269‑4100
ANC-Atwood Building Meeting Room 550 West 7th Avenue    Jane Ramos / 907‑269‑6990
ANC-Bayview Building

DOP-Computer Lab (Suite 311B)

DOP-Training Room (Suite 309B)

DOP-Training Room (Suite 311A)

619 E. Ship Creek Avenue    Patricia Dill / 907‑375‑7700
ANC-BP Energy Center

Alder/Cottonwood Room

Aspen Room

Birch Room

Fir Room

Spruce/Willow Room

900 E. Benson Boulevard    907‑743‑4270
ANC-Coast International Inn Meeting Room 3450 Aviation Avenue    Jim Billingsley / 907‑243‑2233
ANC-Commercial Vehicle Service Center (DOT) Meeting Room 11900 Industry Way    Laura Edwards / 907‑365‑1215
ANC-Crowne Plaza Hotel

Aurora Banquet Room

Aurora Classroom

Aurora Conference Room

109 W. International Airport Road    907‑433‑4100
ANC-DOT Central Regional Office Meeting Room 5300 East Tudor Road    907‑338‑1465
ANC-Extended Stay America Meeting Room 108 East 8th Avenue    907‑868‑1605
ANC-Frontier Building

Room 880

Room 890

Room 896

3601 C Street    907‑561‑1619
ANC-Hilton Hotel Hilton Conference Room 500 W. 3rd Ave   
ANC-McLaughlin Youth Center (HSS) Meeting Room 2600 Providence Drive    907‑261‑4302
ANC-Ted Stevens International Airport (DOT) Meeting Room 5000 W. International Airport Road    907‑266‑2580
ANC-U.S. Federal Building and Courthouse Meeting Room 222 West 7th Avenue    907‑334‑2399
ANC-UAA Diplomacy Building Room 303 4500 Diplomacy Drive Ste. 500    907‑786‑7710
ANC-William A. Egan Civic and Convention Center



Conference Room


Explorers Hall

La Perouse



Summit Hall

555 West 5th Avenue    907‑263‑2800

Fairbanks (FAI) Locations

Facility Name Room(s) Street Address Contact / Phone
FAI-DOT Building (Picket Place)

Right-of-Way Conference Room

T2 Training Room

2720 PIcket Place Rosemary Bierfreund / 907‑451-5320
FAI-Fairbanks Youth Facility FYF - C199 1501 Wilbur Street Bernard Gatewood / 907‑451-2194
FAI-Northern Region Maint and Operations (DOT) Main Conference Room

2301 Peger Road

FAI-Office of Children's Services Office Suite 100

751 Old Richardson Highway

FAI-State Office Building Meeting Room 675 7th Avenue 907‑451‑2801

Juneau (JNU) Locations

Facility Name Room(s) Street Address Contact / Phone
JNU-Alaska Office Building

HSS-Conference Room 123

HSS-Conference Room 519

350 Main Street     
JNU-Centennial Hall Convention Center

Ballroom 1

Ballroom 2

Ballroom 3

Ballroom Lobby

Box Office

Egan Meeting Room

Hammond Meeting Room

Hickel Meeting Room

Meeting Room Lobby

Miller Meeting Room

101 Egan Drive    907-586-5283
JNU-DEC Building

DEC-Large Conference Room

DEC-Small Conference Room

DOA-Project Conference Room (Suite 103)

DOA-Project Conference Room (Suite 107)

HSS-Conference Room

410 Willoughby Avenue      
JNU-DNR Building

DOA-Aurora Training Room (Room A)

DOA-Borealis Training Room (Room B)

400 Willoughby Avenue     
JNU-Goldbelt Building Conference Room B
EED-State Board Room
PFC-Hugh Malone Board Room
801 West 10th Street     
JNU-State Office Building

DOA-10th Floor Computer Lab

DOA-10th Floor Training Room

DOA-Commissioner's Office Large Conference Room

DOA-Commissioner's Office Small Conference Room

DOA-Division of Finance Conference Room

DOA-DOP&LR Small Conference Room

DOA-DRB Large Conference Room

DOA-ETS Conference Room

333 Willoughby Ave    907‑465‑5689
JNU-Travelodge Hotel

Eagle Room

Glacier Room

Serape Room

9200 Glacier Highway    907‑789‑9700
JNU-Vocational Training Resource Center


Back Room (Classroom)

Business Classroom

Computer Lab

Incubator (Downstairs Classroom)

3239 Hospital Drive    907‑463‑7375
JNU-Westmark Baranof Hotel

AJ Room

Board Room #307

Douglas Room

Gastineau Suite

Nugget Room


127 North Franklin Street    907‑586‑2660

Kenai (ENA) Locations

Facility Name Room(s) Street Address Contact / Phone
ENA-Kenai Donald E. Gilman River Center Meeting Room 514 Funny River Road, Kenai    907‑260‑4882
ENA-Kenai Peninsula Job Center (DOL) Meeting Room 11312 Kenai Spur Highway, Kenai    907‑283‑2900
ENA-Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility Kenai Youth Facility 405 Marathon Road, Kenai    Steven Kiefer
ENA-Kenai Wildwood Correctional Complex (DOC) Meeting Room 10 Chugach Avenue, Kenai    907‑260‑7200

Kodiak (ADQ) Locations

Facility Name Room(s) Street Address Contact / Phone
ADQ-Kodiak Best Western Meeting Room 236 Rezanof Drive, Kodiak    907‑486‑5712
ADQ-Kodiak Chiniak Conference Room Chiniak Conference Room 351 Research Court, Kodiak    Tammy Walsh - 907‑486‑1837
ADQ-Kodiak College

Room 106

Room 130

117 Benny Benson Drive, Kodiak    Sandra Chichenoff - 907‑486‑1219
ADQ-Kodiak Fisheries Research Center Meeting Room 301 Research Court, Kodiak    Jessica Basuel - 907‑481‑1800
ADQ-Kodiak State Trooper Post (DPS) Meeting Room 2921-A Mill Bay Road, Kodiak    907‑486‑4121

Palmer (PAQ) / Wasilla (WWA) Locations

Facility Name Room(s) Street Address Contact / Phone
PAQ-Palmer Division of Agriculture Building (DNR) Meeting Room 5310 South Bodenburg Spur Road, Palmer    907‑745‑4469
PAQ-Palmer Division of Forestry Office Meeting Room 101 Airport Road, Palmer    907‑761‑6282
PAQ-Palmer State Office Building

DOC-Academy Large Training Room (Pride)

DOC-Academy Multipurpose Room (Dedication)

DOC-Academy Small Training Room (Vigilance)

515 East Dahlia Avenue, Palmer    907‑761‑5641
WWA-Wasilla Mat-Su Public Health Center Meeting Room 3223 E. Palmer Wasilla Highway, Suite 3, Wasilla    907‑352‑6632
WWA-Wasilla OCS Office (HSS) Meeting Room 695 E. Parks Highway, Wasilla    907‑352‑8905

Other Locations

Facility Name Room(s) Street Address Contact / Phone
BET-Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center (DOC) Meeting Room 1000 Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway, Bethel    907‑543‑5245
AQY-Girdwood Alyeska Resort

Bering Breakout Space

Columbia Ballroom A

Columbia Ballroom A‑B‑C

Columbia Ballroom B

Columbia Ballroom C


Harding Breakout Space

Hubbard Breakout Space

Kahiltna Court

Portage Boardroom

Portage Salon

Summit Room

1000 Arlberg Avenue, Girdwood    907‑754‑2213
KTN-Ketchikan Probation Office, Room 207 Conference Room 415 Main Street, Room 207, Ketchikan    John Jepson
KTN-UAS Robertson/Hamilton Technical Center Meeting Room 600 Stedman Street, Ketchikan    907‑228‑7254
NOM-Nome DOT Building Meeting Room Mile 3.5 Nome-Teller Highway, Nome    907‑443‑5404
NOM-Nome UAF Northwest Campus Meeting Room 400 East Front Street, Nome    907‑443‑2201
SWD-Seward AVTEC Institute (DOL) Meeting Room 809 2nd Avenue, Seward    907‑224‑3322
SWD-Seward Spring Creek Correctional Center (DOC) Meeting Room 3600 Bette Cato Avenue, Seward    907‑224‑8200
SIT-Sitka Mt. Edgecumbe High School (EED) Meeting Room 1330 Seward Avenue, Sitka    907‑966‑3200