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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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For Users (Students) & User Managers

General Questions

01. How can I ensure I am conducting the most effective site searches?

Some tips to remember when searching include:

  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • The fewer terms defined in your search the better chance you will have of getting the results you are seeking.
  • You will only find search results for items for which you have permission to view.

02. The site search looks for which elements when searching?

Simple searches will look for your search criteria in the item’s Title, Description, and Keywords. More advanced searches are possible using blended criteria such as Category, Title, Description, Keywords, Content Types, and Maximum Cost.

03. How can I tell if a course offered is an online or classroom course?

When searching in the course catalog, refer to the Delivery Method column for information about how the course is offered.

04. How can I request access to a course or content item before I have completed the required prerequisite(s)?

You will be unable to request access for a course that has a prerequisite listed until you have satisfied all the prerequisite requirements. Depending on the course and requirements you may request a waiver of the prerequisite. You may contact the LearnAlaska Help Desk for assistance with a waiver.

05. What does it mean when an item shows a status of "Course Under Revision"?

These items are currently being revised and are locked. Please check back later to browse the item details or request access.

06. Why does the system "hang" when I return to the course details after completing an online course or when I click Mark Complete for an Online Course?

The system is processing your completion request and updating your transcript during this time. Please be patient and wait until the screen refreshes and you are returned to the Course Details screen at which time you should be able to access your course completion certificate.

07. Do the entries that appear on My Calendar in LearnAlaska sync with my office Outlook calendar?

No, the My Calendar feature should only be used to display information about training and does not sync with Outlook. Your Office Outlook calendar should continue to be your calendar of record.

08. Will enrolled students be notified automatically about changes to a course (time, location, dates, etc.)?

No automatic notification will be sent. The course instructor or course manager will notify students via email if class details have been modified.

09. Who is Meridian Global?

Meridan Global is the software company which licenses the software on which the LearnAlaska system is based. Meridian is based in Virginia and serves many private and public sector entities in the United States and globally.

10. What is Section 508 Support and how do I request to have it turned on?

Users with disabilities may choose to have Section 508 Support turned on to make their navigation of LearnAlaska easier. Users requiring this option may contact the LearnAlaska Help Desk for assistance.

11. What is the CGI Employee role that appears on My User information?

CGI is the State's partner on the IRIS Project. LearnAlaska is configured to work with the HR/Payroll Module of IRIS and thus some options have been configured to allow for this eventual integration.


01. My manager information is not correct in LearnAlaska. How do I update this information?

The manager field is auto-populated from the position relationships defined in the State’s Payroll System, AKPAY. Please contact your agency’s administrative support staff if you believe this information to be incorrect. An update to your position will need to be submitted to the Division of Personnel. Once the superior position information is updated in AKPAY the manager data in LearnAlaska will be updated overnight.

02. How do I obtain an approval for my access request if my manager (or other approver) is not available?

Please contact the LearnAlaska Help Desk for assistance.

02. My manager information is not correct in LearnAlaska. How do I update this information?

The manager field is auto-populated from the Superior Position-Control-Number (PCN) field in the State’s Payroll System, AKPAY. Please contact your agency’s administrative support staff if you believe this information to be incorrect. An update to your position will need to be submitted to the Division of Personnel. Once the superior PCN information is updated in AKPAY the manager data in LearnAlaska will be updated overnight.

03. How do I request access approval and enrollment if I am set as my own manager in AKPAY?

If you are listed as your own manager you can approve your access requests yourself. You will need to access the Approval Console in the Administration menu to search for and approve your request. Please refer to the instructions posted about how to approve training requests for more information.

04. How do I seek approvals if I have multiple approvers?

The system defaults to your primary approver, which is typically your immediate supervisor. For items requiring manager approval, the person listed as your manager in LearnAlaska will be notified via email of your request.

Training History

01. Will all my courses taken through the State of Alaska be reflected on these transcripts?

Currently, only those courses taken through the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations and the Division of Finance are reflected. Courses you complete through other State training programs may be reflected on your transcript as these training programs implement and utilize LearnAlaska.

02. My transcript is incorrect, who do I contact?

Please contact the LearnAlaska Help Desk for assistance.

03. Why does my transcript only show one completion for General Courses and External Learning Events that I completed multiple times in the past?

The student transcript data migration from the legacy training system, TrainAlaska, included the most current completion record for students who had multiple General Courses and/or External Learning Events of the same title. It was not possible to include multiple completion records for the same course.

04. Can I upload a certificate of completion to attach to my transcript?

No, LearnAlaska does not support document uploads for student history.

05. Why doesn't all my training history show on my transcript in LearnAlaska?

The scope of the data load for the LearnAlaska project was transcript data available in the State's legacy training system, TrainAlaska. Transcript history not available in TrainAlaska was not loaded into LearnAlaska. Course completions for DGS Procurement Certification training administered in TrainAlaska will continue to be available in that system. A spreadsheet is also available on the DOA-Division of Finance's website from which you can view student history for the years of 2004-2010; this data represents training history for students who completed training prior to DOF's migration to TrainAlaska in 2011.

For Super Users

01. How can I create a placeholder section to collect student requests for a particular course?

Several classrooms have been set up with a section titled 2013 Waitlist designed to collect student requests. The purpose of this section is to gauge demand for courses to determine when new sections should be scheduled. The system creates a student waitlist after a particular course has reached the maximum enrollment for a classroom section. An instructor or course manager will be able to access this waitlist to determine if it is necessary to schedule additional classroom sections.

02. Will a student's enrollment be cancelled if they separate from State service?

No, enrollments are not automatically cancelled when an employee separates. Instructors will need to review the roster prior to the course start date to ensure that only active employees are enrolled.

03. How can I hold a seat for a student who is unable to register?

This is not possible in LearnAlaska. It would have to be handled manually outside the LearnAlaska environment. Please contact the LearnAlaska Help Desk for assistance.

04. What is a Blended Section and how do I schedule one?

A blended section is a classroom section that is conducted in person and virtually at the same time.

Tips for scheduling this type of training include: 1) Schedule the In-Person section first with the total capacity allowed in-person. 2) Schedule a virtual section using the same dates as the In-Person section, but offset the times by one minute. If you choose the same dates and times for both sections the system will automatically group the enrollment numbers together. 3) You may then track enrollments in the In-Person and Virtual sections separately.

SOA Training Providers

01. What is LearnAlaska?

LearnAlaska is an on-line learning management system (LMS) that uses the Meridian Global software platform. It is a value-added component of the State's Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS) Project and will support the training needs for the IRIS effort. The LearnAlaska software platform offers a lot of functionality that the State can use to train employees and track and analyze workforce training efforts. LearnAlaska offers enhanced functionality for course content creation, collecting staff enrollments, course completion tracking, and enterprise reporting of employee training and development. After the HR/Payroll module of Advantage is implemented, LearnAlaska will also offer interagency billing functionality.

02. What is a Learning Management System and why do we need it?

A learning management system (LMS) is a web-based software application for administering, documenting, training, reporting and delivering training courses.

Current SOA training applications are limited in learning management functionality and are extremely segmented by training topic making it difficult for state employees to locate and sign-up for training without knowing what agency is sponsoring it. LearnAlaska offers a single platform for managing and reporting all SOA training activity and will improve training compliance for mandatory training. It also enables employee knowledge development through the use of individual development plans, skills assessments, and on-line testing and evaluation.

03. What are the benefits of LearnAlaska?

LearnAlaska will provide the State of Alaska with an enterprise learning management system that is comprehensive, flexible, and robust. It offers a central course catalog, student registration system, course enrollment waitlist capabilities, enrollment and transcript management, and reporting functionality. LearnAlaska is modeled to be flexible enough to accommodate agency unique training programs and give specified agency staff the authority to administer those programs while still deploying an enterprise level application.

04. How is LearnAlaska different from TrainAlaska?

LearnAlaska provides the following training functions that are not available in TrainAlaska.

  • A central department independent course catalog
  • More robust reporting tools
  • Integration with E-Learning Software
  • Creation and management of Curriculum courses
  • Certificates of Attendance
  • Supervisor access to their direct report's training history
  • Interagency billing functions (after the Advantage HR/Payroll module is implemented)

LearnAlaska also allows for multiple types of media offering users a blended learning experience and collaborative content development for instructors. It features individual development plans based on organization, recommended training activities, and related training. LearnAlaska integrates with the SOA Active Directory email system for authentication, notification and calendaring of courses and also works with GoToMeeting, Live Meeting, and WebEx.

05. Will LearnAlaska replace TrainAlaska?

For DOA’s Division of Personnel and Labor Relations and Division of Finance, LearnAlaska serves as a replacement for the functionality currently provided by TrainAlaska. Following the initial deployment, the use of LearnAlaska will be offered to other departments so that the system can become an enterprise training and development platform for the State of Alaska.

06. Why does the State need a new Learning Management System?

The State needs a new LMS to meet the high training demands of the IRIS effort and to address issues with the State’s current training applications.

07. Why is the State implementing LearnAlaska?

The State is implementing LearnAlaska because current training applications are limited in learning management functionality and are exceedingly segmented by training topic, making it difficult for employees to locate and sign up for trainings. LearnAlaska is a comprehensive enterprise learning management solution that will allow the State to create course content, collect staff enrollments, track course completion, and report employee training and development.

08. Who will use LearnAlaska?

All SOA employees should be able to register for available training sessions. Training offered by the Divisions of Personnel and Labor Relations and Finance is available through LearnAlaska during this first phase of deployment. Once Phase One is complete, the State will offer use of LearnAlaska to other departments to fully realize the benefits of an enterprise training and development platform for the State of Alaska.

09. Will I be able to transfer course history from TrainAlaska to the new system?

Yes. Course history and transcripts from TrainAlaska have been migrated to the new LMS system, LearnAlaska.

10. Does LearnAlaska track training enrollments?

Yes. LearnAlaska manages employee training enrollments and course completions. It allows employees to track enrollments and progress towards certification completion. LearnAlaska also offers employees the ability to create individual development plans and participate in skills assessments and on-line testing and evaluation.

11. What types of courses/classes are adminstered through LearnAlaska?

During the first phase of deployment, courses offered by Divisions of Personnel and Labor Relations and Finance are administered through LearnAlaska. Some of the courses are available to all employees while others are limited to employees of one of these specific agencies. Following the initial implementation, other departments will have the option of offering courses through LearnAlaska.

12. How do I access LearnAlaska?

You may access LearnAlaska at https://learn.alaska.gov. Access is restricted to the LearnAlaska application to within the state's network.

13. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

You may contact the LearnAlaska Help Desk with any questions.

14. Who administers LearnAlaska?

The software is hosted locally on SOA servers. Administration is handled at the enterprise level by staff in the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations and the Division of Finance. As more training programs are added after the initial go-live, staff in agencies will be setup as domain-level administrators, and other unique roles with permissions for administration, scheduling, and/or reporting in their domain.

15. I create training material for my department. How does LearnAlaska affect my work?

LearnAlaska is a learning management system, and can store training materials and online learning. To create course content and materials, SOA training developers should continue to use such software solutions such as Camtasia, Captivate, and Adobe Acrobat to develop and author content.

16. What is beyond the scope of LearnAlaska?

Contractors, Consultants, or other non-state employees will not have access to LearnAlaska as the program will only be accessible within the state’s network and users are loaded from the state’s payroll system.