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Helpful Information for Super Users

Super Users are those users in LearnAlaska who have been assigned system access beyond the automatic Everyone or User Manager roles. These roles are defined as System roles. Super Users have the authority to author content, schedule courses, and modify courses and content in LearnAlaska.

Super User Request Process

Please submit a LearnAlaska Super User Request Form [PDF] to the your domain administrator (see list) to request a Super User role in the system. Your request must be approved by a Domain Administrator and/or Enterprise Administrator prior to being submitted. Current administrators include:

Top-Level (CORE) and Statewide Content (DOA) Domains

Class Roster Macro

An Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook has been created to assist Instructors with the formatting steps for the Class Roster information extracted from LearnAlaska.

Download the LearnAlaska Class Roster workbook [XLT]

Macros must be enabled to use this workbook. For assistance, please refer to the Microsoft Office Online Support links provided below. Steps are specific to your version of Excel.

To check which version of Excel you are using
Excel 2010 / 2013| Excel 2007| Excel 2003

References & Resources

Adding a Training Facility

Users with the Course Manager role may add and manage training facilities in LearnAlaska. Since users with domain-specific roles can't search for training facilities that have been loaded in other domains than their own, we require that you first contact a LearnAlaska Enterprise Administrator with your request. We will search the system for any matching training facilities and reply back with whether or not it is necessary to add the training facility to your domain. If it is necessary to add the training facility we will also include the recommended title using our defined naming standards.

Centrally Controlled Content Options

To review available Content Options currently configured in LearnAlaska, to request new items, or to request changes to current items please use the workbooks posted below. These options are centrally administered from the Core Domain since they are Enterprise-wide, please contact an Enterprise Administrator to request additions or updates.

Email Triggers

System emails may be copied and customized by domain. A reference document of email triggers and how they have been modified for LearnAlaska is available here.

Job Aids for Adding Course and Content Items

Job Aids are helpful references that combine some of the content from the Meridian training modules, the Statewide Standards and Governance document, and the LearnAlaska Team's helpful hints that we have learned from adding courses and content to the LMS. Additional Job Aids are being drafted and will be posted shortly to this page.

Meridian Training Materials & Manuals

Meridian training materials and manuals are available in LearnAlaska. Search for "Meridian" in the site-wide search to find these files. Permissions are set to restrict access to most of these files so that only Super Users may view them.