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Accounting Procedures Manual


NOTE: The Accounting Procedures Manual will be updated after the implementation of the State's accounting system replacement, IRIS.

AKSAS Financial Transactions Section

Provides general information and detailed procedures for recording financial transactions in the Alaska Statewide Accounting System (AKSAS).

AKSAS Financial Transactions Section

Section 01. Overview

Section 02. AKSAS Security & Authorities

Section 03. AKSAS Accounting

Section 04. Financial Transactions & Batch Processing

Section 05. Budgets

Section 06. Revenue

Section 07. Expenditure Open Items

Section 08. Payments

Section 09. Journal Entries

Section 10. Vendors

If you have questions regarding the revised Section 10, please email the DOF Vendor Authorization team at

Section 11. Travel, Mileage & Moving

Section 12. Reimbursable Services Agreements

Section 13. Fund Accounting

Section 14. Special Processes: 1099 Tax Reporting

Section 15. Cash

Section 16. AutoPay

Section 17. AKSAS Reports