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Accounting Procedures Manual

Revision History

Revised: February 2014

Section 16: AutoPay

Added AutoPay Training Presentation Slides from training conducted in November 2013.

Revised: April 2013

Section 10: Vendors

Updates to APM Section 10.

Revised: May 2012

Section 17: AKSAS Reports

Section 17 has been added to provide guidance for downloading and formatting AKSAS Reports from the State Mainframe. These updates are being deployed in AKSAS on Friday, May 18, 2012.

AKSAS Reporting Section

The AKSAS Reporting Section of the Accounting Procedures Manual (APM) is no longer applicable to our production environment. Documents contained in this section have now been deleted from the APM.

Revised: November 2011

Section 10: Vendors

New add, change, and vendor detail screens will be implemented on Monday, January 2, 2012. In preparation for the new screens, a revised Section 10 is now available for review.

Revised: November 2011

Section 14: Special Processes: 1099 Tax Reporting

Added the PowerPoint presentation used in 1099 Training conducted by the Division of Finance.

Revised: October 2011

Section 11: Travel, Mileage & Moving

The Moving Authorization/Assignment form for PSEA Employees has been removed. PSEA employees may now use the Standard Moving Authorization/Assignment form.

Revised: October 2011

Section 16: AutoPay

Processing AutoPay Transactions
Special Features
Agency Administration Table
AutoPay PF Key Cheat Sheet
How Do I... in AutoPay?

Revised: August 2011

Section 11: Travel, Mileage & Moving

Taxable Travel Allowance Payroll Report - added new version of the form effective 8/1/2011 for an update to OCONUS rates.

Revised: May 2011

Section 10: Vendors

Vendor Quick Reference

Revised: April 2009

Section 8: Payments

Exhibit 8.C: Warrant Status Change Request

Revised: July 2008

Section 10: Vendors

Vendor Quick Reference
Vendor Quick Reference Screen Examples