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IRIS Account Route Reports

Users must be a member of their department's Account Route Reports Active Directory group in order to login to this website and access reports.

NOTE: Reports will be available for 60 days after posted, and will then be removed. Please set a reminder to pick-up the report as no email notification will be sent out when new reports are posted.

  • URL -
  • Login ID - Most users will need to enter their State of Alaska email address as the Login ID to access reports, e.g., Some users who are in agencies with their own directory, may need to use a modifed username in the format of LDAP User ID suffixed with "", e.g.,
  • Password - Enter your Enterprise (LDAP) password, this is likely the same password used to login to IRIS.

To request access to your department's Account Route Reports directory, you must complete a Payroll Reports Request Form that has been approved by your department's Appointing Authority or Security Contact to the Division of Finance's System Security group.

AKPAY Legacy Reports