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Department of Administration

Approval Policy

Travel approvals shall be in accordance with AAM 60.040. All travel shall have the approval of the division director or designee. Director travel requires the approval of the Commissioner's Office.

Approval Policy for Changes to Purchased Itineraries

Purchased itineraries can be changed at the discretion of the traveler as long as the travel meets business needs and is in accordance with AAM 60.050. Any change for personal accommodation must be preapproved. Per AAM 60.080, additional time or expense resulting from an interruption or deviation for traveler convenience shall be borne solely by the traveler.

Exceptions to Approval Policy


Travelers Pre-Approved to Book Their Own Non-Emergency Travel


Emergency After-Hours and Weekend Approvals

All departmental travelers with a profile can book emergency travel after hours or on weekend. Approval must be obtained on the next business day.

Unique or Unusual Types of Travel


Types of Tickets Authorized to Purchase

Refundable - Yes
Non-Refundable - Yes
Net Specials (use or lose type tickets) - No

Travel Advance Policy

Travel advances will be issued in accordance with AAM 60.070.

In-State Hotel Policy

Hotel charges are to be made to a traveler's One Card. It is the responsibility of the traveler to review the billing prior to payment and ensure that taxes are not included. If the traveler does not have a One Card, the preferred method of payment is by CTS. If the hotel does not accept credit cards, prior arrangements should be made for direct billing.

EasyBiz Policy

Not applicable.