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Department of Education & Early Development

Approval Policy

Travel approvals shall be in accordance with AAM 60.040. All travel shall have the approval of the division director or designee. Director travel (except PTPC and Arts Council) requires the approval of the Commissioner's Office. All out-of-state travel requires Commissioner's Office approval. Any out-of-country travel must be approved by the Governor's Office.

Approval Policy for Changes to Purchased Itineraries

Changes must be approved as described in the regular approval policy.

Exceptions to Approval Policy

The Deputy Commissioner may approve in-state travel if no one has been placed in acting status for a division director.

Travelers Pre-Approved to Book Their Own Non-Emergency Travel

Commissioner of DEED; and State Board of Education Members

Emergency After-Hours and Weekend Approvals

All department profiled travelers can book their emergency travel after hours or on weekends. The DEED would only require after-hour, weekend and holiday travel approvals for extremely rare situations. Verbal approval by a Division Director or Deputy Commissioner to the traveler would be adequate to expedite the process. Original documentation would contain a sign off by the official upon completion of the travel.

Unique or Unusual Types of Travel


Types of Tickets Authorized to Purchase

Refundable - Yes
Non-Refundable - Yes
Net Specials (use or lose type tickets) - No

Travel Advance Policy

The standard amount for a travel advance is 80% of the total estimated per diem required for the trip. Higher percentages are allowed when requested for specific reasons. Employees with One Card cash advance capabilities are responsible for monitoring their need for advances. All other travel advances are paid by state warrant.

In-State Hotel Policy

Hotels booked through the STO will be paid by direct bill or credit card. For hotel only bookings, each division may reserve rooms using a delivery order signed by an authorized official or credit card.

EasyBiz Policy

Miles will be accrued by division. Agency Travel Desks are authorized to request the use of accrued miles for travel purchases. AS50 tickets are allowed.