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Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education

Approval Policy

Pre-authorization is by Senior Managers and final authorization by the Executive Director.

Approval Policy for Changes to Purchased Itineraries

The travel desk may make appropriate changes with an approval from traveler's Senior Manager.

Exceptions to Approval Policy


Travelers Pre-Approved to Book Their Own Non-Emergency Travel


Emergency After-Hours and Weekend Approvals

A list of travelers who are authorized to request travel outside of normal business hours has been provided. Check with your travel administrator if you need this information.

Unique or Unusual Types of Travel


Types of Tickets Authorized to Purchase

Refundable - Yes
Non-Refundable - Yes
Net Specials (use or lose type tickets) - Yes. These tickets cannot be reserved prior to approval. The state travel office can quote this type of fare, but cannot guarantee the price until ticketed.

Travel Advance Policy

Yes, they are provided if the traveler requests an advance on the pre-approval form. The method used is the warrant travel advance.

In-State Hotel Policy

In the State of Alaska, hotels are reserved and paid via a traveler's One Card. If the traveler does not have a One Card, the hotel is reserved and paid by direct bill. For out-of-state travel, reservations and payment, are made with the traveler's One Card or personal credit card, if they do not have a One Card.

EasyBiz Policy

All EasyBiz miles are accumulated in one account. The Executive Director decides on the use of miles for travel purchases.